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Training Your Dog to Walk on Leash

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One of the primary things you should train your younger dog is how to walk on a leash. It is an essential ability for you as well as your dog. After teaching a dog to walk on a leash they will be much more reliable and controllable, this signifies walk is a life experience you can both participate and take pleasure in. It is easier to train a new puppy the proper way to walk on a leash, instead of attempting to re-train a mature dog.

• The ideal situation for the dog to heel, sit and down is beside you, on the left hand. This is often referred to as the heel position.

• To set your dog in the heel position, use the command of sit or lie down, Attempt once again and offer a treat. Once he remains in the right position, its mean that your dogs have understood the heel position.

• When you are ready to take a walk, you should hold the leash in your left hand to handle the dog, while extra leash should be on your right hand. This will certainly provide you the best restrain over the dog.

• Now your dog should be in sitting position with training collar and leash on. Hold a treat in the left hand. Speak , heel !, and begin walking , if perhaps your dog begins to make ahead or lag behind , get attention by displaying him a treat and attract her into the right position .

• Once he begins to walk in correct position, reward him and give a treat.

When you stop, have him sit in the heel position and give him a treat. When you start again, always start out on your left foot. Dogs see the left leg movement before the right leg moves, and will take this as their cue to heel.

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