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Training Your Dog to Come

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This is an essential command that you should train your family dog. The main objective of teaching the come command is usually to attain a fast reply from the dog upon listening to the command. As soon as this command is learned, it is possible to secure your dog from a possibly harmful scenario. It is possible to teach this command to a little pup right after he understands his name. Aside from being important for security purposes, once the dog has learned the come command he will be permitted liberty in different occasions. The approach to teaching 'come' command to a new puppy includes the use of a dog collar along with a long leash.

• Start by holding your dog on a leash. Stand with the dog, one or two feet away from him.

• Hold a treat in one hand and slightly pull him with the leash.

• Command your dog to come If he does not come, show him the treat and softly pull the leash. Once he arrives, provide him the treat and encourage him.

• Repeat this practice in several sessions.

• Once you notice that your dog is obeying your command from short distance, you can increase the length of the leash. Start Practice on a long leash.


• In case your dog does not obey your command, you should decrease the distance and try again.

• After practice, you will see that the dog comes to you with a slight pull.

Now if you are sure that that your dog will start coming to you with the light pull on the leash, at the moment, the leash can be removed. Now practice should be in a fenced area without a leash. There may be a challenging situation if the dog does not obey your command. In that case you should go back to use a leash again to restore and remind your dog.

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