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Female / Male Spanish Dog Names with Meanings

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There are many breeds of Spanish dogs including Spanish Mastiff, Spanish Pointer, but these Spanish dog names are not reserved only for Spanish breeds. These Spanish male and female dog names are for all breeds and mix dogs, you should choose a best suited name for your puppy when naming him/her according to the gender, choose Spanish female or male dog names, all names are with their specific meanings. Sometimes Spanish Dog names are also known as Hispanic dog names, all Hispanic male and female dog names are here.


Female / Male Spanish Dog Names with Meanings

Name Meaning Male/Female
Abejundio Bee Male
Alejandro Defender Male
Alonzo Noble & ready/prompt Male
Antonio Beyond Praise Male
Armand Man in the army Male
Armando Man in the army Male
Beatriz Voyager Female
Bebe Baby Male/Female
Belen Bethlehem Male
Belinda Beautiful serpent Female
Bella BeautifulFemale
Benito Blessed Male
Bernardo Bear brave Male
Blanca White Female
Bonita Pretty Female
Brisa Breeze Female
cheese Unisex Male/Female
Carina Beloved Female
Carissa CaressFemale
Carlo Free man Male
Carlos Free man Male
Carlotta Free man Female
Carmen Garden Female
Carmine Garden Male
Catalina Pure Female
Charo Variant Of Rosa Female
Chica Little Girl Female
Chico BoyMale
Chiquita Small one Female
Cielo Heaven Female
Cirooyvts Royal Male
Consuela Solace Female
Consuelo Solace Male
Coraima Shining Light, High Mountain, Messenger Female
Corazon Heart Female
Cornelia Horn Female
Cortez In Triumph Male
Cristina Follower of Christ Female
Cruz Cross Male
Dahlia Dweller in the valley Female
Damita Little Noble Female
Dante Enduring, obstinate Male
Dario Maintain well Male
Delora Sorrows Female
Delores Sorrows Female
Diego Supplanter Male
Dolores Sorrows Female
Domingo Lord Male
Don World ruleMale
Donato GivenMale
Drina Defending men Female
Eduardo Rich Guard Male
Eldora Gift of sun Female
Elena Wicker, reed, shoot Female
Eloy Selection Male
Elsa Truth Female
Emelda Entire battleFemale
Emilio Rival Male
Enrique Home ruler Male
Esmeralda Emerald Female
Esperanza Hope Female
Esteban CrownMale
Estefany CrownFemale
Estrella StarFemale
Eva LifeFemale
Federico Peaceful Ruler Male
Felicia HappyFemale
Felipe Lover of HorsesMale
Ferdinand Peaceful venture Male
Fernanda Possibly peaceful venture Female

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