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Female / Male Scottish Dog Names with Meanings

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Scottish Terrier breed is very popular and belongs to Scotland, besides the Scottish Terrier the Scottish Deerhound is also well known, but these Scottish Male and Female dog names are not only reserved for only abovementioned breeds. These endearing names, pet names and beautiful surnames can be given to your any type and breed of a dog. All Scottish dog names are for all dog breeds.


Female / Male Scottish Dog Names with Meanings

Name Meaning Male/Female
ALASTAIR Defending Men Male
ADAIR The ford of the oaks Male
ADAIRE See Adair Male
AILBEART Bright nobility Male
AILBERT See Ailbeart Male
AINDREA Man Warrior Male
AINSLEY hermitage meadow Male
AINSLIE See Ainsley Male
AKIRA Intelligent Male
ALAISDAIR Defender of mankind Male
ALAISTAIR Variant of Alastair Male
ALAISTER See Alastair Male
ALASTAIR Defender of mankind Male
ALEC Short form of Alestair Male
AMHLAIBH Heir of the ancestors Male
ANGUS One Choice Male
AODH Fire Male
AODHAGÁN Tiny little fire Male
ARTAIR Bear-man Male
ARCHIE Valuable; Bold Male
ATHOL Ford of the rock; rock-ford Male
AUGUSULUS Venerable Male
ABBY Father in rejoicing Female
AILA Oak tree Female
ALBA Scotland Female
ANNABEL Easy to love Female
ANNABELLA Easy to love Female
ANNIE Grace Female
BALFOUR farm house, farm pasture; grazing land Male
BARCLAY Birch tree meadow Male
BENNEIT Blessed Male
BHALTAIR Ruler of the army Male
BLÁÁN Little Yellow one Male
BLAIR Battlefield Male
BOYD Yellow-Haired Male
BRUCE Woods Male
BRYCE Pied, spotted, speckled Male
BAIRD Poet Male
BELLA BeautifulFemale
BEN Son Male
BLAIR Plain Male
BOBBI Bright fame Female
BOBBIE Bright fame Female
Bonnie Pretty Female
BRODIE Muddy place Male
BUDDY Herald Male
CAILEAN whelp; young pup Male
CALLUM Dove Male
CALUM See Callum Male
CAM Crooked Nose Male
CAMERON Crooked nose Male
CAMPBELL Crooked Mouth Male
CAOIDHEAN fifth Male
CARBREY CharioteerFemale
CHRÌSDEAN Christ-bearer Male
CINÁED Born of fire Male
CLIAMAIN Gentle and Merciful Male
CLYDE Muddy Male
CÒISEAM Steadfast Male
COLUMB Hound of valor Male
CORMAG Son of Defilement Male
CRAIG Rock Male
CRÌSDEAN Christ-bearer Male
CUDDY Bright Fame Male
CUITHBRIG Bright Fame Male
CAILEAN Dove Female
CALEDONIA Hard or rocky land Female
CALLA Beautiful Female
CAMPBELL Crooked mouth Male
CANDY Honest Female
CARLYLE From Carlisle Male
CLYDE Refers To The Scottish Clyde River Male
COLIN Dove Male
DABHAIDH Beloved Male
DÀIBHIDH See Dabhaidh Male
DAIVIDH Variant of Dàibhidh, meaning ‘beloved’ Male
DAVEY, DAVY Short form of Dàibhidh Male
DAW Short of Dàibhidh Male
DEÒRSA Earth-worker, farmer Male
DERMID Without Envy Male
DIARMAD With no Envy Male
DOLAIDH World Ruler Male
DOMHNALL World ruler Male
DONAIDH Short of Domhnall Male
DÙBHGHLAS Black stream Male
DUFF Black, Dark Male
DUGALD Black stranger Male
DÙGHALL Black stranger Male
DUIBHSHÍTH Black peace Male
DACEY Of the Decies Female
DAISY Day's eye Female
DALLAS Meadow stance Male
DAVE Beloved Male
DEE Abbreviation Of Names Begin With ‘D’ Male/Female
DONALD World Rule Male
DOUG Black Water Male
DOUGAL Black Stranger Male
DUFF Dark, Black Male
DUKE Duke Male
DUNCAN Brown chief Male

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