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Most Popular Male Dog Names to Carry on a Name Tag

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Are you a dog owner who’s particularly attentive to all the tiny details involved in taking care of a pet? Well, a pet name happens to be one of those small but vital details that involve you and him. Since it’s a HE (congratulations!), then it involves choosing from a huge roster of most popular male dog names for THE ONE – the name your dog would be proud to carry on his name tag.

More than a label that your dog will carry all throughout his life, a pet name is an identity which your dog will be known by. As you introduce this name to family and friends or yell it across the park, it gives an impression of who your dog is and what he means to you. In a way, it also tells people to come close and be friendly, or to steer clear and be careful! So, from among a vast number of most popular dog names in the world, there has to be ONE which suits your pet perfectly.

From our list of most popular male dog names below, which ONE would your pet carry well? Which of them grabs your dog’s attention and makes him quickly respond? Made up of our Top 15 and more, here are a hundred attention-grabbing names fit for a name tag:


Most Popular Male Dog Names

Rank Name Meaning
1. Gus The top pick for naming a good-natured male dog you’re particularly fond of and friendly with.
2. Max (or Mac) For a loyal dog you can count on. Comes across as strong and reliable, yet fun and happy to be with.
3. Jack (or Jake) For the best dog ever. Jacob means good friend.
4. Sam Reminds you of kindness, loyalty, and honesty.
5. Buddy ­­ Your bosom buddy and best friend for life.
6. Bailey After the colour of the drink (Bailey’s). For a brown-coloured dog that’s friendly and loyal.
7. Cody A quiet and gentle soul with endearing traits.
8. Cooper A dog you’d love to cuddle and have fun with.
9. Tucker ­ Popular among the Aussies, it means that which you can’t live without.
10. Finn­ Irish in origin, the name Finn means “fair”. The stuff of Irish legends, Finn Mac Cumhail was a 3rd-century hero hailed by Irish folks.
11. Chase ­ A hunter who dwells in the hunting grounds.
12. Wrigley Home of the Chicago Cubs. Definitely for a dog who loves to play catch.
13. Boomer (or Boom) Remember the hit series “Here’s Boomer”? Like a boomerang, he’s strong and energetic.
14. Lucky A real charmer who gives off good vibes to everyone he meets.
15. Charlie or Charley From Carl or Charles (French/Old English), means “manly”.
16. Bentley English in origin, the name means bent meadow grass. His coat is like a clearing covered by coarse grass.
17. Spencer (or Spence) Strong and wise. The name means “keeper of provisions”.
18. Angus A choice name for the pick of the litter. In Scottish, means “the strongest and brightest of them all”.
19. Brody If this means “wise one”, then it’s for a dog who loves to brood.
20. Chief For a dog who’s either a leader or a mischief maker. Your pick.
21. Ace Noble Anglo-Saxon name which means “strong” and “unified”.
22. Alex (or Alec) Like Alexander the Great. Means defender of men.
23. Alfie From Alfred, means “sage” or “counsel”. He is both peaceful and handsome.
24. Auggie In Latin, Augustus means “worthy of respect”.
25. Axel In Hebrew, means “father of peace”.
26. Bandit Playful dog who behaves like an outlaw.
27. Bear Big and strong, he may also be a gentle giant.
28. Biscuit For a dog who loves the idea of treats.
29. Blue Small, long-eared dog (from Blue’s Clues).
30. Bubba Slang word for “buddy” or “friend”.
31. Buck Hero of the book, “Call of the Wild”.
32. Buster Toy Story dog who hangs out with Woody and the gang.
33. Butch Bulk of a name for a bulldog who’s big and burly.
34. Bruno Adorable name for a dog that’s brown-haired and dark.
35. Byron Charming fellow who lords it over the rest.
36. Chad Of Welsh and English origin, the name means “protector” or “defender”.
37. Champ For a prize fighter and winner.
38. Chip Suits your favourite dog who’s sweet yet reliable.
39. Coco French pet name for a small and cute helper.
40. Comet Your fast friend with a long tail.
41. Czar In Russian, the name means “emperor”.
42. Dante For a dog who gives you hell (most of the time).
43. Darwin Nothing but strong and fit!
44. Delgado German Shepherd from the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.
45. Dexter For a dog who’s cunning and playful.
46. Diesel A dog who’s full of reserve energy and power. Tireless.
47. Dodge One who stands his ground and is unrelenting. Big as a truck.
48. Duke In Old English, means “noble” and “princely”. Of royal blood.
49. Foster Ideal for a dog with caring qualities.
50. Franz In Danish, Swedish, and German, the name means “free”.
51. Fritz Strong and masculine German name which means “peaceful ruler”.
52. Goose Cute name for a funny dog who’s mostly a scaredy-cat.
53. Gunner Often associated with being a soldier. The name Gunnar was popular among Vikings because it meant “brave and bold”.
54. Hank In German, means “home” or “ruler of the house”.
55. Hawkeye For a dog who’s keen on hunting and has great eyesight.
56. Huck Fun-loving and adventurous, like Huckleberry Finn.
57. Hunter Great for a hunting dog and a bird catcher.
58. Ivan Derived from John. Means “glorious gift” or “gift of God”.
59. Jasper With the trait of making you feel tranquil. Peaceful.
60. Klaus Big, strong, and loyal. Means “victory for the people”.
61. Luke (or Lucas) Latin and Greek in origin. Means “white” or “giver of light”.
62. Maximus the greatest, mightiest, and most powerful of all.
63. Milo Germanic in origin. Means “calm, mild, and peaceful”.
64. Moose Exactly that, which means big and strong.
65. Oreo Sweet and lovable, like a cookie.
66. Otis Ideal for a small dog that’s frisky and charming.
67. Otto A great German name which means “wealth or fortune”.
68. Owen In Welsh, means “young warrior”. Also, “noble” and “well-born”.
69. Pepper For a salt and pepper kind of dog. Fun and lively.
70. Rebel One that’s stubborn and rebellious.
71. Rex Royal name fit for a king.
72. Ricky An abbreviation of Richard or Theodoric (Old German), the nickname means “strong and powerful ruler”.
73. Riley A Gaelic name which means “brave” and “valiant”.
74. Rocco In Italian, simply means “rock”. Also, Rocky.
75. Ruff or Rufus Brave and headstrong. In English, means “red-haired”.
76. Rusty From the colour of his coat.
77. Sarge Strong and loyal. With leadership qualities.
78. Scout Fit for a small dog that’s alert and helpful.
79. Scooby Funny Great Dane in Scooby Doo.
80. Scrappers A little rough around the edges.
81. Shadow For a pet who follows you everywhere.
82. Simba In Swahili, means “lion”.
83. Spike For a dog with long, spiky hair.
84. Taco Meant for any dog who loves food.
85. Tank Big and burly, but steadfast!
86. Teddy Cute bear who’s cuddlesome and affectionate.
87. Thor For your superhero of a dog.
88. Toby (Tobias or Tobey) If you go Shakespearean, it means “what you will”.
89. Trapper Great fit for a hunting dog who’s excellent at trapping.
90. Zeus Supreme in looks and with godlike qualities.

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