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Your Happy Puppy’s List of Most Popular Female Dog Names for All Time

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If there’s something you don’t want your pup to get stuck with the rest of her life, it would be with a pet name that she will soon outgrow. Pet names for puppies may sound cute while they’re little, but you can’t always base them on trends that come and go. Thus, we’ve come up with a list of most popular female dog names that will please you and your puppy for years and years to come.

Timeless and exceptional, these most popular female dog names are here to stay, just as your dog will! They are names which capture the very essence of who your dog is and what is unique about her. After all, she’s your baby girl who will grow up and develop from one happy puppy into the hunting dog, sporting dog, or companion dog that she was meant to be.

As such, she deserves no less than one of the most popular female dog names for all time. This is because, all of the time, you will be using this name to address her. It’s what she knows, when you’re calling her attention or giving her praise for especially being good. As she grows from puppy to full-grown adult, this is the name she’ll associate with fun times and good memories.

Now having realized how important it is to raise one happy puppy picked with the right name, here are a hundred of our most popular female dog names to choose from. Have fun!


The Most Popular Female Dog Names

Rank Name Meaning
1.Abby A source of happiness and delight. One who is always happy.
2.  Ally In Scottish and Gaelic, means “defender of men”.
3.  Alyssa Young, promising, and talented.
4.    Amber Like a unique and rare stone. Reddish brown to copper in colour.
5.    Amy In Latin and Old French, means “dearly loved” or “beloved”.
6.   Angel Light, pure, and angelic. Always good and kind.
7.   Annie From Anna, which means awesome and inspiring. Also, Hannah.
8.   Ariel Strong and fearless, but can be gentle and forgiving.
9.  Bailey Male or female, means “sweet little one”.
10.  Bella means “beautiful” in Italian. Also, Belle.
11.  Birdie Tiny as a little bird. Cute and bird-like.
12.  Bonnie Scottish word which means “pretty and fair”, like a lass or maiden.
13.  Brandy A regal dog whose coat is the colour of wine.
14.  Buttons Ideal for a small, bright-eyed dog. Full of anticipation.
15.  Callie In Greek, means “beautiful”. Gaelic for “bright-headed”.
16.  Candy or Candie Other than sweet, the name (from Candice) also means “bright” or “dazzling white”.
17.  Carly For an amazing dog to have. Caring and well-cared-for.
18.  Carmela In Hebrew, means golden in color. Also, Carmel or Caramel.
19.  Casey Irish-Gaelic in origin, it means “watchful” or “vigilant protector”.
20.  Chloe Youthful and blossoming into one who is lovely.
21.  Cleo In Greek, means “proud” or “famous and glorious”.
22.  Coco (or Cocoa) Yummy like chocolate or sweets. Also, Cookie.
23.  Daisy Cute and dainty as a flower. A pleasure to see.
24.  Dolly or Dollie Sweet and adorable, like a doll.
25.  Eliza Derived from Elizabeth. Means “oath to God” or “promise”.
26.  Ellie Like a torch that brings light. Bright and radiant.
27.  Gigi Cute and sassy name for a dog, big or small.
28.  Ginger For a lively dog who adds sugar and spice to your life.
29.  Gracie or Gracey Nothing short of elegant and graceful.
30.  Greta In Swedish, the name means “pearl”. Like Greta Garbo.
31.  Gypsy For a fierce, strong, and independent kind of dog.
32.  Harley A lovable dog who is embraced as part of the family.
33.  Hazel Ideal for a dog with a hazelnut colour.
34.  Heidi Like Adelaide, means “noble”. Adventurous.
35.  Izzy In Hebrew, means “God’s promise. Also, Lizzie.
36.  Janey or Janie An English name, meaning “God is gracious”.
37.  Jasmine Fair and lovely, like the scented flower.
38.  Jenny In Welsh, means “fair one”.
39.  Jill or Jillie Like Jillian, full of youth and personality!
40.  Julianna Derived from Julia and Anna. Means young and full of awe. Also, Juliet.
41.  Katie Light-hearted name for a fun-loving dog whom you simply can’t imagine living without.
42.  Kayla Variant of Kaye. In Old English, means “keeper of the key”.
43.  Kelsey an Old English name which refers to the island where a ship comes from.
44.  Lacey English in origin. Means light, pretty, and lace-like.
45.  Lady Reigns supreme in the household. Knows how to behave properly.
46.  Lexi or Lexie From Alexa or Alexis, means strong and brave. Will stand up for you.
47.  Liesel or Liezl From Elizabeth. In Greek and Hebrew, means “oath to God”.
48.  Lindsay Scottish in origin, the name means “island of the lime tree”.
49.  Lily or Lilly As the name implies, “fair” and “white”. Pure and delicate.
50.  Lola Queenly in all things and wise for her years.
51.  Lucky Bringer of good news. You feel fortunate to have her.
52.  Lucy Funny, crazy, and full of energy.
53.  Lulu Nickname for one who is a “famous warrior”.
54.  Maggie Sweet, lovable, and smart. Very precious to you.
55.  Marley In Old English, means “from the lake or meadow”.
56.  Merry For a dog who is easy to please and delightful.
57.  Mia In Spanish, means “mine”. For one you’re very fond of.
58.  Missy A girlie name for a dog who’s sweet and liked by all.
59.  Molly In Hebrew, means a “child wished for”.
60.  Nikki In Greek, means “strong and victorious”.
61.  Pandora (or Dora) Full of surprises. Also means “gift”.
62.  Pebbles Cool and refreshing, like sand and ocean.
63.  Penny Shiny like a new penny. Perfect for a copper-coloured dog.
64.  Pepper Nickname for a funny, lively dog that amuses.
65.  Phoebe Shining and brilliant. For a smart and bright dog.
66.  Poppy Popular English nickname which refers to a flower.
67.  Piper For a feisty dog who likes to pipe in when there’s activity and conversation.
68.  Pixie Cute and tiny, like a little fairy.
69.  Priscilla Biblical in origin, the name means “ancient”.
70.  Princess For a puppy who is babied by the family. Daughter of a queen.
71.  Queenie The dog who reigns supreme. Behaves like royalty.
72.  Riley Known to be a faithful and loyal companion.
73.  Rosie Sweet and cheerful. A rewarding presence to be with.
74.  Roxy Fun-loving and spirited. Confident in herself.
75.  Ruby A gem of a find. Precious to you.
76.  Sadie Quiet and protective, like a friend or sister.
77.  Sally or Sallie In Hebrew, means “princess”.
78.  Sandy or Sandie Of a light, sandy colour.
79.  Sasha in Russian, means “protector” and “helper of mankind”.
80.  Shelby “From the manor house” in Old English.
81.  Skye A dog whose company is light, calm, and comforting.
82.  Sophie A dog young and pretty who will grow up to be gorgeous.
83.  Stella star-like or stellar in quality.
84.  Sugar Suggests everything nice, along with spice.
85.  Sydney English in origin. Means “south of the water”.
86.  Talia or Thalia Proud, strong, and beautiful.
87.  Tessa From Therese and Teresa. Means “to reap or gather”.
88.  Trixie Latin in origin. Means “bringer of joy”.
89.  Willow Light, slim, and delicate. The tiniest of the snow fairies.
90.  Zoe or Zoey For a very lively dog who is gifted in certain ways.

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