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Male/ Boy German Dog Names with Meaning A-Z

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Here is a list of male/boy german dog names with meaning is available which will provide a wide range of German Dog Names


Male/ Boy German Dog Names with Meaning A-Z

Name Meaning
Adelfried Descendants’ Protector
Adelino Noble
Adler Eagle
Adolph Noble Wolf
Adelrico Powerful. Rich
Adelbert Famous for Nobility
Ahren Eagle
Alaric Noble Ruler
Albern Noble Warrior
Alder Alder Tree
Alger Noble. Bright
Alphonse Noble Estate
Alvin Friend To All
Aken Town Name
Ancel Diety
Arnold Eagle; Powerful
Aldo Aged & Wise
Aldous See Aldo
Alfred King of Wessex
Armond Guardian
Arendt Historian& Philosopher1906-1975
Arne Eagle
Arvin Friend to All
August Exalted. Revered
Axel Peaceful
Axel Father of Peace
Baldwin Bold Friend
Barend Bear
Barrett Strong As A Bear
Bergen Mountain, Hill Dweller
Bernard Brave As A Bear
Bert Bright & Shining
Bertram Bright
Bethold Bright Ruler
Bruno Brown Haired
Bryon Cottage
Burke Birch Tree
Bach German composer
Barette Bear-brave
Baron Low Rank Nobleman
Ballard Warrior
Benno Brave Like A Bear
Berger Mountain Dweller
Beethoven German composer
Benz Mercedes-Benz
Berg German City.
Berg Austrian Composer
Berlin Germany’s Capital
Bismarck German statesman
Blitz Sudden Attack
Blaz Unwavering Protector
Bonn German City
Boris Czar of Russia
Brantley Sword
Britz German city
Bruno Brown
Buddy Seeing-Eye dog – 1928
Bud Herald. Friend
Burgh Protection
Burke Fortification
Carl Farmer
Charles Farmer
Claus Form Of Nicholas
Clovis Famous Warrior
Conrad Brave Counsel
Chance Good Luck
Dietrich People’s Ruler
Dagobert Shining Sun
Derick Ruler Of The People
Dieter The People's Ruler
Dolf Form Of Adolf
Donner Thunder
Dedrick Ruler Over All People
Derek Ruler
Dierk / Dirk Famous Ruler
Dino / Dina Warrior of the People
Durin Mythical Dwarf
Dustin Valiant Fighter
Duxi Warrior of the People
Eberhard Brave as a Boar
Edel Distinguished
Edelweiss Snow. White
Edwin Prosperous Friend
Edwina See Edwin
Ellard Noble & Brave
Emerich Home Ruler
Emmet Strong Worker
Emery Industrious Ruler
Emil Resourceful Person
Einstein Albert Einstein
Ernest Vigorous
Ernie Variation of Ernest
Ernst Determined
Eberhard Like A Wild Boar
Edwin Prosperous Friend
Egbert Sword; Famous
Eldwin Old Friend
Ellery Lives Near An Elder Tree
Emery Industrious Leader
Emmett Industrious, Strong
Ellery Cheerful
Ernie Variation of Ernest
Ernest Vigorous
Ernst Determined
Eugen M Variation of Eugene

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