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Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings

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Here is a list of Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings is available which will provide a wide range of Italian Dog Names


Female / Male Italian Dog Names with Meanings

Name Meaning Male/Female
ABERTO Noble Male
ABRAMO father of many Male
ADRIANO from the Adriatic Male
ALDO Rich Male
ALESSANDRO Defender of man Male
ALFREDO Counselor of the elves Male
AMBROSI Immortal Male
ANDREA Manly Male
ANGELO Angel Male
ANTONIO Beyond Praise Male
ARMANNO Soldier Male
ARNALDO Eagle Male
ARRIGO Rules The Estate Male
AROGHETTO see Arrigo Male
ALRIGO See Alrigo Male
ARTURO Bear Male
ANDRIA Love Female
ARIA Melody Female
ADRIANA Dark Female
ADREANA See Adriana Female
AGATA Kind Female
AGNELLA Pure Female
AGNESE See Agnella Female
AIDA Happy Female
ALBINIA White Female
ALESSANDRA Defender of human Female
ALETTA Winged Female
ALLEGRA Joyful Female
ALONZA Ready for battle Female
AMALEA Hard-Working Female
AMALIA See Amalea Female
ANDREANA Feminine of Andrea Female
ANGELIA Angel Female
ANGELA See Angelia Female
ANITA Grace Female
ANNUZIATA Named for the Annunciation Female
ANTONIETTA Priceless Female
ANTONIA See Antonietta Female
BENIAMINO Son Of The Right Hand Male
BERNARDO Brave as a Bear Male
BERTRANDO Brilliant Raven Male
BRANDO Variant of Bertrando Male
BIAIARDO Reddish-brown hair Male
BRUNO Brown-haired Male
BAMBI Child Female
BIANCA White Female
BALBINA Stammers Female
BAMBI Child Female
BATTISTA For John Baptist Female
BAUTISTA See Battista Female
BAPTISTE John the Baptist Female
BEATRICIA Blesses Female
BEATRICE See Beatricia Female
BELINDA Serpentine Female
BENEDETTA Blessed Female
BENIGNA Benign Female
BIANCA White Female
BELLANCE See Bianca Female
BLANCA See Bellance Female
BRUNETTA Dark-Haired Female
BRUNA Variant of Brunetta Female
CARLINO Manly Male
CARLO See Carlino Male
CASEAREO Long-Haired Male
CEASARIO Variant of Caseareo Male
CESARE See Casearaio Male
CECILIO Blind Male
CORRADO Bold, Sage Counselor Male
CORRADEO Variant of Coraddo Male
CRISTOFORO Christ-Bearer Male
CAMMEO Sculptured Jewel Female
CARA Beloved Female
CIRA The Sun Female
CADENZA Rhythmic Female
CAMEO Sculptured Jewl Female
CAMMEO See Cameo Female
CAPRICE Fanciful Female
CARINA Variant of Cara, means beloved Female
CARLOTTA Feminine of Italian Charlotte Female
CARMELA Garden Female
CARMELINA See Carmela Female
CARMELITA Variant of Carmela Female
CAROLINA Feminine of Carlo, manly Female
CATARINA Pure Female
CATARINE Variant of Catarina Female
CATERINA Variant of Catarina Female
CERELIA Fertile Female

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