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Names are just as important for your dog as for any member of your family or yourself. It is something that not just identifies you and gives a way for others to call you it is also important in having a sense of identity and self. This is just as true for your dog. Its name though is also going to say as much about you as about itself. Do you want to convey your dog's personality, looks, origins, or perhaps give a sense of your own sense of humor, likes or beliefs. Is it a name you are happy to say and hear many times a day for the next 8 to 18 years?

Name choosing is different for every dog owner. You might want a sense of your dog before you name it or you might have something ready. You can go traditional, take human names, look at other countries, meanings and so on. Here we have several lists of dog names for you to consider. We have tried to organize them under several headings so that however you want to search for a name there is something for you. Many names cross several lists and we hope that amongst them is the perfect name for the latest addition to your home and your new best friend!

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