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Boy Dog & Puppy Names with W - with Meaning and Origin

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A complete comprehensive A Z List of boy puppy names with meaning and origions is composed in an easy manner. We beleive that our dogs are not only dogs they are part of our family. . According to the wish of the owners of the dogs we have striven to collect the boy dog names and composed in a simple and easy way. The boy dog names are given alphabetically. If you have not selected a boy dog name you may now select from this list. You may look, like and then select one boy dog name for your smart boy from here. It embellishes the personality of your smart, active and witty boy.


A-Z Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Wacian Alert English
Wacian Watchful Anglo-Saxon
Wacleah From Wake's meadow English
Wacuman Watchman English
Wada Advancer English
Wadanhyll From the advancer's hill English
Wade Advancer: Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water crossing. English
Wade Moving Anglo-Saxon
Wadley From Wade's meadow English
Waed Advancer English
Waefreleah From the quaking aspen tree meadow English
Waer Wary English
Waerheall From the true man's manor English
Waeringawicum Fortress English
Waescburne From the flooding brook English
Wagner Wagon maker German
Wain Craftsman English
Wait Guard English
Wake Alert English
Wakefield From Wake's field English
Wakeley From Wake's meadow English
Wakeman Watchman English
Wakler Thickener of cloth English
Walbridge From the Welshman's bridge English
Walby From the Welshman's dwellings English
Walcot Lives in the Welshman's cottage English
Waldemar Famous ruler German
Walden From the Welshman's valley English
Walden Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald. German
Waldhramm Ruling raven German
Waldifrid Peaceful ruler German
Waldmunt Mighty protector German
Waldo Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald. English
Waldon From the Welshman's hill English
Waldrom Ruling raven German
Waldron From the Welshman's hill English
Waleis From Wales English
Walford From the Welshman's ford English
Walfred Peaceful ruler German
Walker Worker in cloth. English
Wallace Stranger Anglo-Saxon
Waller Mason English
Wallis From Wales English
Wallis Stranger Anglo-Saxon
Wally Variant of Walter rules: conquers. German
Walmond Mighty protector German
Walsh From Wales English
Walt Variant of Walter rules: conquers. German
Walten Ruler German
Walter Powerful ruler German
Walthari Powerful ruler German
Walton From the Welshman's farm English
Walton Variant of Walter rules: conquers. German
Walworth From the Welshman's farm English
Walwyn Welsh friend English
Wann Dark Anglo-Saxon
Wanrrick Fortress English
Ward Guard English
Wardell From the guardian's hill English
Warden Guard English

A-Z Names

A | B| C| D| E| F | G|H | I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

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