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Boy Dog & Puppy Names with S - with Meaning and Origin

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A complete comprehensive A Z List of boy dog names with meaning and origions is composed in an easy manner. We beleive that our dogs are not only dogs they are part of our family. . According to the wish of the owners of the dogs we have striven to collect the boy dog names and composed in a simple and easy way. The boy dog names are given alphabetically. If you have not selected a boy dog name you may now select from this list. You may look, like and then select one boy dog name for your smart boy from here. It embellishes the personality of your smart, active and witty boy.


A-Z Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Saber Sword French
Sabino A Sabine Spanish
Saebeorht Glory at sea English
Saeger Seaman English
Saelac Blessed German
Saelig From the happy meadow English
Saewald Sea powerful English
Saeweard Sea guardian English
Safford From the willow ford English
Sagar Wise one. Surname. English
Sage Wise one. French
Sagramour A knight Arthurian Legend
Salbatore Savior Spanish
Salford From the willow ford English
Salhdene From the willow valley English
Salhtun Lives near the willow farm English
Sallsbury From the fortified keep English
Salomon Peace. Variant of Shalom. Spanish
Salton Lives near the willow farm English
Salvador Savior. Spanish
Sanborn From the sandy brook English
Sanbourne From the sandy brook English
Sancho Saint. Spanish
Sanders Alexander's son English
Sandon From the sandy hill English
Sandy Abbreviation of Alexander defender of man. English
Sanersone Alexander's son English
Sanford From the sandy ford English
Santiago Named for Saint James Spanish
Santon From the sandy farm English
Santos Saint Spanish
Sargent A squire French
Sarlic Pain Anglo-Saxon
Sativola Name of a saint Celtic
Satordi Saturn French
Saturnin Gift of Saturn Spanish
Saul Asked for Spanish
Saunders Alexander's son English
Sauville From the willow farm French
Sawyer Cuts timber Celtic
Sawyer Saws wood English
Sawyers Son of Sawyer English
Saxan Sword English
Scadwiella From the shed spring English
Scaffeld From the crooked field English
Scand Disgrace Anglo-Saxon
Scandleah From the loud meadow English
Scandy Boisterous English
Scead Shade Anglo-Saxon
Sceadu Shade Anglo-Saxon
Sceapleigh From the sheep meadow English
Sceley From the happy meadow English

A-Z Names

A | B| C| D| E| F | G|H | I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

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