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Boy Dog & Puppy Names with O - with Meaning and Origin

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A complete comprehensive A Z List of boy puppy names with meaning and origions is composed in an easy manner. We beleive that our dogs are not only dogs they are part of our family. . According to the wish of the owners of the dogs we have striven to collect the boy dog names and composed in a simple and easy way. The boy dog names are given alphabetically. If you have not selected a boy dog name you may now select from this list. You may look, like and then select one boy dog name for your smart boy from here. It embellishes the personality of your smart, active and witty boy.


A-Z Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Oakden From the oak tree valley English
Oakes From the oak English
Oakley From the oak - tree meadow English
Ocelfa From the high plain English
Octave Born eighth French
Octe A son of Hengist Anglo-Saxon
Octha Enemy of Arthur Arthurian Legend
Ocvran Father of Guinevere Arthurian Legend
Odale Of the valley English
Odam Son in law English
Odayle Of the valley English
Odbart Wealthy German
Odel Wealthy Anglo-Saxon
Odhert Wealthy German
Odin Wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Odo Name of a bishop French
Odom Son in law English
Odon Wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Odwolf Wealthy wolf English
Odwolfe Wealthy wolf English
Odwulf Wealthy wolf English
Ody Wealthy defender Anglo-Saxon
Oegelsby Fearsome English
Offa Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Ogden From the oak tree valley English
Ogdon From the oak tree valley English
Ogelsby Fearsome English
Ogelsvie Fearsome English
Ogelsvy Fearsome English
Ogilhinn From the high peak Scottish
Ogilvie From the high peak Scottish
Oidhche Night Scottish
Okes From the oak English
Oliphant Great strength Scottish
Oliver The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace. English
Oliverio Affectionate Spanish
Oliverios Affectionate Spanish
Olivier From the olive tree French
Ollaneg From Olney English
Olney From Olney English
Onfroi PeacefuI Hun French
ONille From the gold town French
Onslow From the zealous one's hill English
Orahamm From tbe riverbank enclosure English
Oram From tbe riverbank enclosure English
Oran White Celtic
Oratun From the shore farm English
Orbart Wealthy German
Ord Spear Anglo-Saxon
Ordland From the pointed hill English
Ordman Spearman English
Ordmund Spear defender English
Ordsone Ormond's son English
Ordwald Spear strength English
Ordway Warrior armed with a spear Anglo-Saxon
Ordwin Spear friend English
Orford From the cattle ford English

A-Z Names

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