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We all know names have meaning. When you know the meaning and origin of a name this can help you decide if it will fit with your dog. You can take a name that suits your boy dog and puppy's personality and temperament or you can take a name and see how it fits as they grow! It might be funny to have a dog named Adel meaning noble when your dog in fact is happy to roll around in dirt and farts more than you do. If you have a German or French background you might want to give your dog a name that reflects that heritage. Here is a list of boy dog and puppy names with meaning and origin ordered alphabetically.


A-Z Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Ashwin Spear friend English
Ashwyn Spear friend English
Astyrian Remove Anglo-Saxon
Atelic Horrible Anglo-Saxon
Athdar From the oak tree ford Scottish
Athelstan Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Athelston From the noble's hill English
Athelward Noble protector English
Athemar Noble or famous English
Atherton Lives at the spring farm English
Athmarr Noble or famous English
Athmore From the moor English
Atkinson Son of Aiken English
Atkinsone Son of Aiken English
Atmore From the moor English
Atol Hateful Anglo-Saxon
Ator Venom Anglo-Saxon
Attewater From the waterside English
Attewell Lives by the spring English
Attewode Lives in the forest English
Atteworthe Lives at the farmstead English
Attie Strong as a bear Celtic
Attkins Son of Aiken English
Attmore From the moor English
Attor Venom Anglo-Saxon
Attwell Lives by the spring English
Atty Strong as a bear Celtic
Atwater From the waterside English
Atwell Lives by the spring English
Atwood Lives in the forest English
Atworth Lives at the farmstead English
Atyhtan Entice Anglo-Saxon
Aubin Fair French
Aubrey Blond ruler French
Aubrey Rules with elf-wisdom. English
Aubry Rules with elf-wisdom. English
Auctor Foster father of Arthur Arthurian Legend
Audel Old friend. English
Auden Old friend. English
Audie Old friend. English
Audric Old and wise ruler. English
Audrick Noble friend German
Audwin Noble friend German
Audwine Noble friend German
Augustine Majestic dignity: grandeur. German
Augustus Majestic dignity: grandeur. German
Augwys Brother of Lot Arthurian Legend
Auhert Noble French
Aundre Manly: brave. Modern variant of Andrew. English
Aureliano Golden. Spanish
Aurelio Gold Spanish
Aurelius Golden. Spanish
Aurick Noble leader German
Aurik Noble leader German
Auriville From the gold town French
Austin Variant of Augustine. French
Avalloc Father of Modron Arthurian Legend
Avenall Lives near the oatfield French
Aveneil Lives near the oatfield French
Avenelle Lives near the oatfield French
Born during Advent French
Averell Wild boar English
Averey Strong, wise, desired one. African
Averil Wild boar English
Avery Elf ruler or from the old ford English
Awarnach A giant Arthurian Legend
Awiergan Cursed Anglo-Saxon
Axel Father of peace German
Axton Swordsman's stone English
Ayabusa We rule African
Ayers Heir to a fortune. English
Aylmer Infamous English
Aylward Noble protector English
Ayrwode From the fir forest English

A-Z Names

A | B| C| D| E| F | G|H | I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

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