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We all know names have meaning. When you know the meaning and origin of a name this can help you decide if it will fit with your dog. You can take a name that suits your boy dog and puppy's personality and temperament or you can take a name and see how it fits as they grow! It might be funny to have a dog named Adel meaning noble when your dog in fact is happy to roll around in dirt and farts more than you do. If you have a German or French background you might want to give your dog a name that reflects that heritage. Here is a list of boy dog and puppy names with meaning and origin ordered alphabetically.


A-Z Names

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Name Meaning Origin
Aleck Defender of mankind. Variant of Alexander Scottish
Alejandro Defends mankind. Spanish form of Alexander. Spanish
Aleksei Defender of Mankind Russian
Aler From the alder tree English
Aleron Knight French
Alex Abbreviation of Alexander. Defender of man. English
Alexandre Nephew of King Mark Arthurian Legend
Alexavier Protector of the New House. American English
Aleyn A Fisher king Arthurian Legend
Alfie Variant of Ealdfrith, Alfred or Alfrid. Wise. Old peace.Handsome. English
Alfonso Ready German
Alfonso Spanish form of Alphonse. Eager for war. Spanish
Alford From the old ford English
Alfred Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Alfredo Spanish form of Alfred - counsels the elves Spanish
Alfrid Sage English
Alger Noble spearman German
Algrenon Bearded French
Alhhard Brave English
Alhmanic Divine German
Alhric Sacred ruler English
Alhsom Sacred fame German
Alhwin Noble friend German
Aliceson Son of All English
Alijha Follower of Christ American English
Alis Brother of Cliges Arthurian Legend
Alison Son of All English
Alistair Variant of Alexander - defender of mankind. Scottish
Alistaire Variant of Alexander - defender of mankind. Scottish
Alister Variant of Alexander - defender of mankind. Scottish
Alixandre Nephew of King Mark Arthurian Legend
All Handsome English
Allan Handsome Celtic
Allard Brave English
Allen Handsome Celtic
Allister Variant of Alexander - defender of mankind. Scottish
Allred Wise or red haired man English
Allyn Handsome Celtic
Almer Infamous English
Almo Noble or famous English
Almund Defender of the temple Anglo-Saxon
Aloin Noble friend French
Alois Famous warrior German
Alonso Eager for battle: Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso. Spanish
Alphonso Ready German
Alpin Blond Scottish
Alric Rules all. The historical Gothic king who plundered Rome in A.D. 410. German
Alrik Noble leader German
Alson Son of All English
Alston From the elfs home English
Altman Wise man German
Altmann Wise man German
Alton From the old town. See Elton. English
Aluin Noble friend French
Aluino Noble friend Spanish
Alvar Truth-speaker or guardian. German
Alvin Noble friend German
Alvino White: fair. Spanish
Alvis All-knowing. English
Alvord From the old ford English

A-Z Names

A | B| C| D| E| F | G|H | I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V| W| X| Y| Z

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