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What Foods are Dangerous for Dogs

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Many breeders of dogs recommend various goods, treats and sweets to their four-legged friend, but do not realize that the digestive system of dog carnivores and omnivores humans are fundamentally different.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. Besides caffeine contains theobromine, which is similar substance. This is dangerous for the animals, since the animals of the body is excreted very slowly long time it has influence. In addition, the chocolate is dangerous for the reason that contains a huge amount of fat and some animals may cause damage to the pancreas, which enough to exclude enough enzymes to digest them. Theobromine in the body affects a substance called adenosine, and is responsible for regulating heart rhythm. Once the theobromine occupy space that should normally occupy adenosine, there is a failure of heart rhythm, which may be fatal. Theobromine also increases the amount of calcium in cardiac cells, which leads to a significant Gain heart beats. Patients with a heart or circulatory system are at risk of poisoning even at low of chocolate, healthy animals with higher income.

For orientation, the dose: lethal dose of theobromine for a healthy dog is about 300 mg / kg weights for healthy cat about 200 mg / kg body weight. The dark chocolate ja about 500 mg of theobromine per 100 gram table, the milk is about 200 mg per 100 gram table.

It follows that the greatest risk of poisoning patients at risk animals, young, and then when accidents, such as when a dog eats a box of chocolates or chocolate cake. If anyone serves your dog chocolate as a reward several times a day, then there is a risk too, theobromine, thanks poor excretion accrued on, and poisoning may occur for several days.

Because heart defects are invisible to the eye, and a lot owners need not even know that their dog suffer from hidden heart disease or arrhythmia, it is recommended chocolate treats animals better it does not.

Human Diet

The human diet is not suitable for dogs. It is usually flavored with various spices, which dog stomach is not used to. This can lead to health complications. Moreover dog that gets used to human food, stop eating dog pellets because they are flavored like our food. Leftovers from lunch or expired foods are not good for dogs. The dog is not garbage, which would serve to remove the old sausage that we did not eat.

Never give food directly from the refrigerator. The dog needs feeding, which is at room temperature. Too cold or hot food it can damage the digestive tract , then the animal may suffer as diarrhea.


Coffee is also dangerous for animals. Like chocolate contains caffeine, but there is in much higher concentration. Conversely theobromine in it there are only traces, so that the coffee not cause poisoning. Caffeine is a substance which, like theobromine occupies and blocks adenosine receptors, thus leading to disturbances in heart rhythm. It also increases the amount calcium in heart muscle and strengthens heart contractions. Moreover, there has stimulated nerve tissue and can cause seizures. Caffeine is metabolized in the dog faster than theobromine, so much there is no accumulation.

For dogs lethal dose of caffeine is about 100-200 mg / kg, the cat 80-150 mg / kg. Poisoning occurs If swallowed, caffeinated drinks, or then combined poisoning of some painkiller Title that contain caffeine to accelerate the effect (often they Extra epithet). Symptoms of poisoning is more rapid than chocolate and include vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, increased blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm and cramps. Death may occur when throes of exhaustion or failure circulatory system.

Salty Foods

The dog has a taste for salty food to more and more bites, and thus takes more than he needed. The result will be the same as for the people that will get fat . Besides, excess salt may occur in dogs as well as humans lead to high blood pressure. But it is not true that the dog did not receive any salt at all, without it he could not digest.


Sweets can cause big problems. A substance Xylitol, which is part of candies, pastries, biscuits and cakes. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol but is also found in fruits and vegetables - plums, strawberries, raspberries, cauliflower and corn, although in small quantities. Xylitol in dogs significantly increased insulin levels , and this may cause a drop in blood sugar and dog-threatening life.

The effects of Xylitol are reflected about 30 minutes after ingestion of large quantities of products containing it. The first symptoms are weakness, loss of coordination abilities and cramps. Xylitol was found even suspect that dogs damage the liver.

Cat Food

Many farmers give dogs feline diet because they taste better, but it is not the best solution. The feline diet is a higher percentage of proteins , which may lead to permanent digestive problems.

Onions and Garlic

Despite the fact that we humans thrive as a natural antibiotic , for dogs are toxic in large quantities . If you want to make your dog healthy, give him a special dog food. Choices of dog food are huge. Lowest canned meat or pellets designed for all dogs over the more expensive and higher quality, which is divided by determining the size of the dog, its age and performance. Your four-legged pet will reward you for it devoted friendship that is for every breeder man the ultimate gift.


People often think that raw bones are causing injury to the stomach and intestines. In fact, it can injure a dog cooked bones. The bones become brittle cooking, easy to break off and cause trouble. Raw Bone even fish dog easily spend. In addition, you can give the dog raw chicken bones, chicken necks and wings whole, or a raw beef bone or ribs. Never feed a dog chicken bones can break down and damage the stomach or intestines.