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The dog is an animal that has nutritional needs differ from ours, so their diet should be directed to meet these needs. When we have feed the dogs with the homemade food, in most cases (almost always), do not promote adequate nutrition. For more "bland" as it may seem, the ration is, this most cases, the best option. Why?

We can give some arguments in favor of using food instead of home cooking:

Dog Needs

We cannot offer you a complete and balanced diet. Even giving meat, vegetables and eggs, we still cannot balance this diet, and noodles, rice and cornmeal are not dog food.

A Practical

Nowadays few people have time to make their own lunch, much less the dog's food. For proof, simply observe that sales of frozen and dehydrated food have increased significantly.


If you make a list of expenses in preparing a diet for a dog with meat, eggs, vegetables, vitamin and mineral supplements, and the work that will add the right amount of each ingredient to balance it and Compared to the daily cost of food-based diet. Undoubtedly, the most economical option is to feed (even if this is a super-premium imported).

Where's the Difference?

Our four-leg friends have their origin in other wild canids such as wolves, coyotes. These animals, in the wild, they feed primarily on who can hunt or, more frequently, the leftovers of other predators (lions, leopards). And it was this habit that the ancient dogs, approached the primitive men, since man has always been a hunter to learn how to plant and harvest. When a dog feeds, it eats meat, fur, skin, bones, viscera and to the intestinal contents of the prey. And, answering the question, the good old Rex, need a diet as varied as their free-living relatives, so that you have a healthy life.

What to Buy?

Today, we have many kinds of diets with different qualities. To facilitate understanding, we classify them into three groups. The all three groups are as follows:

Popular Diets

Popular Diets are cheaper products and exist in the market. Typically, Popular Diets are formulated by products of corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal etc. Such ingredients in the diet of a cow, or a horse, would be excellent digestion, but returning to that story, our four-leg friend is a carnivore and need animal protein, ready to be assimilated by your body.

Rations "Standard"

Rations Standard is products of reputed companies, in most cases, through the media, a larger share of the consumer market. Because they are products of larger companies have a greater commitment to their quality and are formulated with ingredients qualitatively better than the popular diets. Contain meat and bones, corn gluten, animal fat, etc. However, it is not ideal as to the digestibility because it reaches the percentage of protein with lower digestibility ingredients such as soy or gluten. As for cost, it is an intermediate price.

Premium and Super Premium

Premium and Super Premium are top-quality products, therefore more expensive. Its formulation is based on chicken, lamb, turkey but really flesh or slaughterhouse waste, like chicken digest. Such ingredients of animal, have greater digestibility, that is, the digestive tract is less worked to metabolize them. This is another feature of the premium feed, as digestibility is higher; the average daily intake is lower (which softens the price of feed). They also promote a healthier life and reduce the amount of feces of the animal.

The rations are classified as Super Premium from a certain percentage of digestibilities, which may vary according to the interests of manufacturers, because there is no "standard" in this sense. As a consumer to know, if the diet is highly digestible or not, just look at the packaging the ingredients that make up the ration. The sources of protein should be of animal origin (chicken, turkey meat, digests of chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, etc.). And also fat sources, or at least fine vegetable oils such as linseed oil. Plant protein sources such as soy, gluten, etc. Not have high digestibility. It's good to be wary of products that have ingredients of poultry, which increases the efficiency of the absorptive enterocytes. Another ingredient which improves the digestibility is FOS (fructo oligo saccharides), which feed the intestinal microflora, that is, benefits the growth of "good bacteria" in the intestine, which leads to a better fermentation of the bolus.

In short, when we buy a ration for the four-leg friend, must be vigilant to guarantee levels (percentage of protein, fat, etc) and quality of ingredients. For example, a dog food must have at least 18% protein. Look into what is relative because meat is a source of protein and Chicken feather too. Meat is much more digestible than sorry. Another detail is the balance between the rates of protein and fat. The ration is not efficient with 30% protein and 8% fat or other protein with 18% and 20% fat.

A fourth group of rations may be quoted, beneficial diets. Have clinical indication and auxiliary in the treatment of various diseases. Its use must comply with the veterinarian responsible for the dog.

Some Advices

Pregnant female dogs should eat a special diet from the 30th day of pregnancy to the end of lactation. This practice reduces the chance of future problems occur within the female dog. Besides it is increasing their reproductive life.

Puppies should eat puppy food until they reach adult size (which varies from breed to breed)

Avoid offering snacks, human biscuit, bread, chocolate, popcorn even he likes a lot. These foods are often involved in cases of food allergies as well as pasta, cornmeal and other starch-based foods. These frames have food allergies varied ranging from simple itching to skin sores and fever.

The only supply of beef can result in problems of nutritional rickets because of the imbalance between calcium and phosphorus that occurs in animals with this type of diet.

Your dog hardly gets bored of the diet; it simply is not satisfied and wants to eat. If he's playing normally with its natural vitality and stay a day without eating or another do not be alarmed, remain the same ration providing you consciously chose for him.

There is no ideal diet for all dogs. Each animal reacts in a different way. Some dogs fit perfectly on popular diets and others who do not fit the super-premium. Therefore, the best person to advice on what is the best option to feed each dog's veterinarian that accompanies your health. He is able to assess the correct parameters and whether the diet is suitable for every dog specifically.