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Organic Food for Dogs

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Organic foods have become an integral part of many households. So why not treat yourself to our pets? It's just a business gimmick or something that really is? On the market are many more companies and manufacturers that offer their organic products not only for dogs but also for other pets. Especially in developed cultures dogs have an important social role. For these reasons, it is a great emphasis on the welfare and quality of life, to help them have good quality food - organic food.

Organic foods are completely natural with no by-products. The products are hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients. These foods do not contain any pesticides, antibiotics, meat and bone meal, fertilizer and artificial colors. There are also no artificial flavorings and preservatives. Dogs were carnivores by nature, but in the course of domestication they become omnivores, so it is suitable for them meat food, which is to be added rice or vegetables. Dog feeding is differentiated by old dog, dog activities or the health of your dog. For example, digestion disorders should not be fed with added wheat and soybeans.

Organic dog food we get in granular (dry feeds / semi-dry), as well as cans, pies and filled pouches (wet feed). Because the organic feed produced without the addition of preservatives, have a shorter shelf life than conventional feed. Organic foods are more expensive, and therefore we should not buy products that are cheaper than conventional food. . For quality organic food is necessary to pay more, this is true in human life.

Why is Organic Dog Food More Expensive?

The purchasing price of organic feed reflects the real cost of producing nutritious, high quality food, taking into account the higher cost of small-scale production without the use of chemical helpers.

Information about the specific components of individual substances and are always listed on the label. It is advisable to check specific composition, before you decide on a particular brand or flavor. Do not buy a large amount of food that will go to waste. On the packaging, there should also be information about an inspection by certain public authorities or on other tests that prove that food is safe.

A good tip I will name brands that produce organic products for dogs. For example, Almo Nature, which produces canned food and dietetic feed for dogs who have a diet. Another is Eukanuba wild nature, hosting the First Mate, Hills Natures Best, organs, Pets and many more. Quality brands should recommend by the vet and the dealer or retailer for dogs, but the best advice is from other breeders who have personal experience with the use of feed.

When buying we should always pay attention to the date of production and consumption.