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A Healthy & Balanced Diet for Dogs

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your dog's food have to get the perfect balance of the primary nutrients : carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats, minerals and water , to support him lead a healthful , joyful and energetic lifespan as far as possible .

Until your pet is expecting a baby or breastfeeding , confined to overall performance level or afflicted with a specific medical problem , it does not have any a proper reason to disrupt the nutrient balance which is suitable for his bodysize from the beginning of mature age until he becomes 'senior' level . The age where he turns into a older dog varies based on his bodysize , however usually happens at seven to eight years of age .

Dogs have various nutritional requirements like humans. Being an omnivores dogs require a combination of meat, vegetables and cereals in the right extent to get a balanced meal.

All high quality manufactured canine foods are usually designed to give the right amounts of most the nutrients a dog needs to survive, in addition to ensuring good taste! In spite of the enticement, using human food and wastes to a nutritionally balanced diet doesn't do your pet any specific favours, and sadly will usually disturb this perfectly tuned dietary balance. This may also result in body shape and obesity and possibly also health problems.


Water is one of the most important nutrient foe every living creatures and dogs are not different. The quantity of water a canine requires relies on many factors like environmental condition, activity levels and if or not they are consuming moist or dry food. Water maintains the body's internal heat, delivers nutrients as well as other elements around the entire body and is needed for nearly all the functions which happen in the body . Pet dogs may lose nearly 100% of their fat and 50 % of their protein, and will yet live. A lack of just 15 % water, can result in death. You must Be sure that your pet has access to, pure drinkable water all the time.


Proteins, composed of little units identified as amino acids, are the developing blocks of the system. Dogs need to take specific proteins in their diet because they carry essential amino acids that the body system cannot produce by itself. The proteins you give to your pet included in well nutritionally balanced dog diet will include most of the important amino acids he requires and involved in building healthy muscle tissue, hair, skin and is an important part of the defense mechanisms and making sure delivery of oxygen. Lack of protein can result in weak growth, loss of muscle mass, weak fur problem and greater chance of infection via damaged resistance. Extra protein gets saved as body fat.


Fats, composed of little units known as fatty acids, give the 'fuel' your pet requires to stay energetic-providing a lot more than energy as protein or even carbohydrates. fats, and important fatty acids like omega 3 and omega-6, are important for healthy skin and fur shape along with giving efficiency and defending the bodily organs. Fats can be necessary for improving the taste of meals! The fat you give to your pet included in a nutritionally well balanced canine food will include all the important fatty acids he requires. Deficiencies in the important fats can result in bad skin and coat problem, as well as reproductive issues. Excessive fat can result in weight problems and connected health issues.


Vitamins are needed in by the food to help sustain growth , normal eyesight, a good skin and fur , injury curing and normal mechanism of the central nervous system. These are involved in almost every chemical reaction at a cell level for the metabolic process of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Vitamins may be separated into two kinds: Fat Soluble Water Soluble. Fat soluble vitamins , ( A , D , E and K ) are stored in your dog's fatty tissues, whereas water-soluble vitamins ( B complex and C ) are excreted in the urine. In contrast to humans, dogs do not have an important necessity for vitamin C since they can make it themselves, however it can form part of a balanced diet and is a good anti-oxidant.


In fact carbohydrates are not an important element of the dog food however, , they a good and easily available source of energy. Fibre is also helpful to sustain a good gastrointestinal tract by offering beneficial bacteria and ensuring regular stomach function. A lack of carbohydrate in the food can result in lowered energy and next impact on coat condition for instance. This happens due to the fact that fat and proteins is used rather to make sure sufficient energy and there is so less to extra for non-essential functions like healthy, shiny fur. Excessive carbohydrate in the diet gets saved as fat.


Minerals, like calcium and phosphorous, are important for strong, teeth and bones and should be given in adequate and balanced ratios by the food. It is specially essential for growing young dogs. Some other minerals which are essential for usual body performance are chloride, magnesium, sodium, potassium copper, zinc, and iron. All minerals should be cautiously balanced and usually will be in a high quality designed dog diet. If minerals are not correctly balanced an excessive amount of one can result in a a shortage of another.

Food Supplements

Dietary supplements are not required when a healthy, pet is being fed a nutritionally and well balanced dog food. But, conditions like pregnancy, over or under activity, or current health conditions can allow dogs with specific nutritional needs. These requirements may be satisfied by the proper selection of pet diet that is customized to the particular necessities of your pet. Many dog owners think that more calcium needs to be included in the food of pregnant and nursing bitches and growing young dogs. While it is right that a rise in a few nutrients, including minerals, is required at this specific time, it is essential that they are offered in the right ratios by a top quality, nutritionally well balanced food that is specially designed for this lifestage. Adding them away from relative amount to further nutrients will lead to skeletal deformities as well as other issues.