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Food Allergies in Dogs

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As food allergies and poor tolerance of certain foods can cause of similar symptoms, but in something different. Food allergy in dogs means that the immune system reacts to certain ingredients in food. Poor tolerance of certain food immune system does not load at all; it is only an irritation of the stomach or intestines.


Vomiting soon after eating

Itching and scratching

Abnormal behavior

How to Determine the Cause

To determine the cause of the problems your dog, you will need the cooperation and the assistance of a veterinarian. You just stop giving the dog self treats. If the dog is really suffering from food allergies, problems usually subside within 12 days. If the dog's condition during elimination diets acutely improves, the next step is to gradually reintroduce other common foods. So you can see that food allergy triggers. If your dog is allergic to such as beef, no matter in what form it gets, whether it be a piece of beef or beef dog food. It should be flagged the same. A further area of allergies can be chicken, soy or corn. Therefore gradually try each food for 5-7 days. If after some food appears old signs, it is clear that this is a dog food allergy.

If you Already Know the Originator Allergies

The situation can be dealt with drugs but if your dog is allergic to soy, start buying food without soy. If the dog does not do well with lactose, do not give him dairy products containing high levels of lactose. Today many kinds of feeds are easily available and the hypoallergenic, such as For example, lamb granules. The new canine diet, consult with your veterinarian, who will recommend and sell appropriate food.

If you want to cook feed yourself at home, you should consult with your veterinarian for an optimal recipe.