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Dry, Moist And Semi Moist Dog Food

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Dog foods are accessible in three primary varieties : Dry, Moist/ canned and semi moist. The varieties applied rely on the processing process and water amount a lot more than on the ingredients or nutritional profile. Perfect and well balanced dog food are designed to offer sufficient amounts of the necessary nutrient without an unacceptable surplus of any nutrient. Dietary supplements of specific nutrients to commercially manufactured perfect and well balanced dog foods must be done cautiously and only with proper reason.

Dry dog foods

Dry dog foods include kibbles, meals, extended products, mixers, and biscuits.


can contain meat , fish cereal grains, , poultry, , milk products, vitamin and mineral supplement, fats and oils.

Dry dog foods are cheaper than moist/canned food and dosn't include too much water . It may be left in open pots for self feeding for self-feeding without worry of spoilage . The majority of dry foods offer crunchy feel that is fulfilling for dogs' chewing habits that will promote better dental health .

Dry dog foods are dog food which has been cooked or boiled next ‘dried’ into little cubes or Dry dog diet is usually ‘complete’ that means it includes all the beneficial minerals and vitamins for a dog’s every day diet. There are lots of types of dry pet food, such as raw, organic and all-natural. You possibly purchase a selection that are particularly made for varieties of dogs. that's for pups, young dogs , mature, older, and even for breastfeeding bitches or those healing from surgical treatment .

Moist dog foods

These contain complete and well balanced canned dog food, canned products manufactured as a dietary supplement in the form of a meat or meat byproducts Moist foods include gourmet, chilled rolls and shelf stable.


muscle meats, fish by-products or poultry, cereal grains, textured vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins.

Canned dog food preparing starts with mixing meat and fat contents with water and dry contents, like minerals and vitamins, for appropriate nutrient content. The blend is mixed and occasionally blended to manufacture a good slurry based on product profile. After tins are packed, they are closed and retorted (a temperature and pressure-cooking procedure that additionally sterilizes the material) making sure destruction of foodborne microscopic organisms. Benefits of canned food is a long life span in a reliable pot and high palatability. But, canned foods are more costly compared to dry food.

Canned food items are rich in water amount, therefore this food will be suited to dogs that has renal disorders. Canned food is ingested quite easily since it is smooth and is quite simple for the digestive system to digest.

Semi-moist dog foods

These Include semi-moist complete and balanced, and semi-moist snacks or treats. These foods include packets (vacuum-sealed) and shaped pieces.


can include fresh or frozen animal tissues, cereal grains, fats, and simple sugars.

Soft-moist dog foods contain 25-40% water and 60-75% dry matter. They do not require refrigeration and are preserved using humectants—substances that bind water so that it is unavailable for bacteria and mold growth and assure shelf life. They include simple sugars (usually sucrose), sorbitol, propylene glycol, and salts. Reports of an increased risk of Heinz body anemia in cats that consume soft-moist foods preserved with propylene glycol have raised concerns over the use of propylene glycol in cat foods, and it has been removed from the generally recognized as safe list for cat foods. Many soft-moist foods are acidified using phosphoric, malic, or hydrochloric acid to further retard spoilage. Advantages of soft-moist foods include convenience, high energy digestibility, and palatability. However, soft-moist food is more expensive than dry food.

Semi-moist foods, although convenient, generally have a high level of sugar or sugar products, such as corn syrup. Sugar and sugar products are not good sources of nutrition for dogs, and can contribute to dental disease. In addition, semi-moist foods often contain a number of artificial colors and preservatives. Finally, they can be hard on the pocketbook! For almost all pets, dry food is the food of choice.