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Dog Food for Digestive Problems

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Digestive problems are one of the most common problems in dogs. This includes not only diarrhea, but also the opposite problem - constipation. Both of these problems are usually caused by dietary mistake, which causes most of the breeder himself his carelessness, ignorance or excessive love and something, inability to renounce his four-leg friend. It is shared with kids and very caring neighbors.

Digestive problems can cause organ diseases, bacterial or viral infections, intestinal parasites, allergies to certain ingredients in the diet. Occasionally, it can also be poisoned.

If this problem occurs, first of all think about the possible cause of these digestive problems. Describe them in detail and it don’t wants individual cases, which often solve their own diet, in some cases, however, we must visit the veterinarian, because these issues cannot be underestimated.

Outline of what the breeders can do in the first stage of disease symptoms

The first and fundamental step is proven "organize" dog’s strict diet. Diarrheal diseases are usually accompanied by vomiting and in the first phase include vomit digested food, then a gastric juice. Adhere to, as it is said, a strict diet. Mostly never give the food to dog up to 48 hours, very fluid restriction. Z fluid is recommended unsweetened black tea that tastes so dog eats only amount to suppress thirst. If the dog does not want to take tea give him a small amount of boiled water at room temperature. The small doses of boiled water many times a day is recommended.

Never serve biscuits, crackers and other food diets, because the lining of the gastrointestinal tract takes up to 48 hours to calm down. Nearly After this give the first hunger strike lightly salted soup of oatmeal or boiled rice. When they get rid of digestive problems, give them a cooked white meat or a small dose of canned dog meat.

If they stop diarrhea or vomiting, slowly increase dietary doses. It is noted that after 7 -10 days the dog may start feeding usual accustomed feed with usual doses. Try such a food that will not cause digestive problem, see a veterinarian for a complete laboratory check up and exams.

Our market with food for dogs is abundantly stocked and dietetic food with digestive problems, and if you have time for a dog "boiled" diet food, and can already buy food diet low in protein and fat and higher crude fiber content. It is recommended to study in detail instructions on feeding - some food is recommended to soak and also to study the dosage. Buy the best brands are in the best in specialized stores.