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Can Dogs be Vegetarian

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Despite the fact that dogs are among the carnivores, many dogs can thrive even in a vegetarian diet. In the market there are already several vegetarian pet foods that are supplemented with nutrients found in plants. Your dog may do very well with any of such feed or home’s balanced vegetarian diet. However, you should carefully monitor your dog, whether for the appearance of dull coat, dandruff, lack of energy, diarrhea or other symptoms. But it may take months or even years before any symptoms appear.

The dog feed should be a vegetarian diet?

First of all you must consider what specifically includes vegetarian food. The answer to this question is grain and vegetables. For vegetarian dogs the foods are commonly used three types of corn - soybean, wheat and corn. But beware; these are the foods that dogs can cause allergies. Grains have a unique composition of fat, which is high in omega-6 fats and low in omega-3 fats. Canine brain like a human that can have affects more omega-3 fats than omega-sixth. When the brain of the dog is not in equilibrium it is not functioning optimally. Therefore it is easily possible that the dog will have difficulty with concentration and focus.

The idea of vegetarian feeding dogs originated in Europe, as in many countries in the world, mainly in India and Morocco are dogs bred in large with a purely vegetarian diet. But this is motivated by religious, economic and other aspects. In nature, laws and the diet is one of them. Dogs need meat to survive.

Still the Question Remains - Vegetarianism Yes or No?

During the last years the Western countries to the expansion of vegetarian food and now this trend has also found its way into pet food. It has been shown that males and other domestic animals developed as well as the daily fed inexpensive vegetarian food for dogs.

But large amounts of protein and amino acid deficiency longer support life dog. When feeding a dog food diet, which is mainly based on grains and vegetables may seem that he's doing a better short term but in the long run is exactly the opposite. This is due to the composition of cereals, it is primarily carbohydrates and less protein and less fat. On average, contains 100 grams of grain in about 15 g carbohydrates, 2 g protein and approximately 0.5 g fat. This process can take years, but it is irreversible. Although dogs are able to eat cereals and absorb some nutrients from grain, it is not their right food. You should definitely at least occasionally indulge dog meat. In earlier times, the dogs never went to the cornfield to get stolen corn. Nature in dogs always ate meat and so survived for millennia.

The dog should also have nutrients that are included only in the flesh. You should be the owner of your four-leg friend separately to say, if it wants to be a vegetarian. Good food for a dog should have plenty of protein and calcium, but this is not common in vegetarian feeding sufficiently covered.

They should therefore be dogs fed a vegetarian diet? This is a very complicated question. It's entirely up to you and your decision. We hope you shall make the right decision and your four-leg friend will do well.