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‘’Nutrition is the eating of food and drink the water of the dog’s body, and the succeeding chemical and physical processes that occur within the body when the diet is broken down and the nutrients needed to maintain the body and keep it in good working order are released’’. We can also defined is in simple language as ‘’nutrition is a process in which the food and the digestive system come across and it is mandatory for the growth of the living being’’. With the gradual increase in the age of the dogs the nutritional demand gradual change either in quantity or quality and it can be adjusted to the dietary needs of a dog. It should be in the one’s mind there is a strong bond between nutrition and health. If you have knowledge about the right nutrition the health of your dog will be brighter than the others. Health and nutrition are directly proportional to each other. Always keep in mind a correct nutrition must grow a good health. For a better nutrition in a dog what the point we should to know? All things which involve the nutrition will be discussed in detail here.

The first thing you know about is all those things which are necessary for the growth and strong health. What are the nutrient needs of the pups to dog and senior dogs? There are three stages of the dog’s life, first puppy, second dog (young) and third senior dogs (old age). Every stage required different nutrient needs. When you are going to start nutrition of a dog you should know about the needs of a dog. What he required in a specific stage of life for growing and to be energetic here we provide some information about the nutrients which is the mandatory in the dietary needs of dogs. In the next paragraph we discuss on the neediest nutrient of dogs.

Different kinds of nutrients dog needs to survive such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and water. Proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates are also included in these nutrients. The needs of nutrition mostly depend upon the size and stage of life and the breed. The daily allowance of dietary nutrients varies with these factors. You can make a table by yourself and maintain it. A good knowledge of how the canines used the different nutrients in diet and how much amount they need can fully assist you to decide a better diet to make your dog healthier ever.


Every nutrient of diet of dogs discussed here separately for the easiness of the reader. I hope that a reader can read and understand it very easily. Here is the all about amino acid vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates etc. It will helpful for you to keep on smooth nutrition without any risk.