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Too much Protein Bad for the Dogs

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A certain amount of the protein is although required by the dog’s body but too much can be harmful for the health of a canine. The prominent risk of high cholesterol is there always due to the saturated amount of fats in certain diets. This can lead to the disaster of death by the heart diseases and stroke. The huge amount of proteins can cause the disorder of liver of kidney of a dog. The role of the kidneys is to filter the waste products and therefore use of excess protein forced the kidneys to toilsome work to remove the nitrogen waste from the body. The nitrogen of high level is in the foods which have the high protein level. The stress on the kidney can the ultimately cause to fail or disorder of the kidney or damage to the body’s filtering capacities.

Due to the disability of the physique to store balance protein, any surplus protein that is used is changed into glucose in the liver and either acclimated up as an activity or stored as fat. Some protein-rich foods are top in nucleic acids, which if torn down, are adopted into uric acid. Consequently, too abundant uric acerbic in the claret can advance to gout, an acutely afflictive action that causes a dog’s joints to become inflamed, breakable and agonizingly aching to move. Finally, too abundant protein in the diet could as well advance to osteoporosis (thinning of the bones), as a balance of protein promotes the accident of calcium in the basic through urine.