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The Foods Good Sources of Protein

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Meat, shellfish, poultry, fish and dairy produce foodstuff has recognized as the best source of proteins, eggs are also another great source of proteins they have the highest amount of essential amino acids. Milk produce, pulses eaten with cereal, oatmeal, Soya beans, rice, peas, kidney beans and lentils the all meal bread. A variety of protein-rich foodstuff is best to tried it includes vegetables, shellfish, meat and pulses rather than just red meat or only dairy products, as the some of foods have a high amount of proteins and high level saturated fat as well that is extremely bad for the dog’s body.

It is a compassionated advice that to swap the foods that have high saturated fats, for a low-fat version, for example exchange cheddar cheese with cottage cheese and semi-skimmed or skimmed with milk full-fat milk and vice versa. It is necessary for a breeder to know about how much protein is beneficial which is eaten by a dog. Here we provide the estimated amount for daily consumption by the dogs.