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Summer Tips for Dog Care

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Many people prefer to spend the sunny days enjoying the outdoors, but these hobbies can be hazardous for your dogs. Bear in mind dogs are not able to cool themselves by perspiration just like human beings. It is your job to make sure that your dog will remain cool and pleasant. By simply following these dog summer health care suggestions, you can help ensure that your dog enjoys the excellent summer time.

Visit the Animal Medical Practitioner is Important

Be sure that your dog vaccinations are not out of date. A sickness that flourishes in summer season, can be deadly to dogs that have not received their vaccinations, so visit to the veterinarian for an early summer check-up and essential vaccination.

Availability of Fresh Drinking Water

Regardless your dog is in the house or outside, it is very important that you always keep fresh, cool and neat drinking water available to your dog in the course of the summer season, so check and change the drinking water a couple of times and always keep the drinking water bowl in a shady area.

Shelter and Housing

Your dog requires a cool, shady spot to escape from the sun. Shade from trees and shrubs are nice, but not enough. A large doghouse with a cool base or straw bedding strongly suggested but straw must be changed from time to time. If possible, set the shelter in a shady spot to make it cooler. If you want to utilize fans to flow the air in four-legged friend's house, it must be carried out by a professional just because dogs can chew electric leads and generate a dangerous risk.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Vehicle

Vehicles temperature quickly in the sun-even with the windows open or else you park your car in the shade; it will cause a deadly heat stroke within a limited time, so never ever keep your dog alone in a parked vehicle. The sun can boost the temperature inside your vehicle to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have to leave your dog in the car for any length of time, the air conditioning must be on.


Hair Cutting

It is a great time to cut down your dog’s fur, but never ever shaves your dog just because layers of dogs' fur shield them from overheating. If your dog has very heavy hair or a large amount of mats as well as tangles, her coat may trap an excessive amount heat, so you should clip her.


Perfect time to exercise your dog is during the cooler times of the day, like the early morning as well as evening during the summer season, when temperatures are the very low. Avoid continuous sun contact. Not only is there a danger of heat stroke, dogs can get sunburned, also.

Make Use of Pools for Refreshing

Several dogs get pleasure from playing in the cool water as well as love to swim but memorize! By no means leave your four-legged friend unsupervised around a pool area. Rinse your dog off after swimming to clear away chlorine or salt from his fur.