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Tips for Walking with Your Dog

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Start coaching while the dog is a puppy, and carry on until the dog can be trusted off leash.

Be a Leader

If your dog is following you it allows you to be observed as the leader of the pack. If you are following your dog, you are developing in his mind that the dog is the leader. Your dog needs to be beside or behind you in the course of the walk. The simple rule is “Walk your dog; do not permit your dog to walk you”. You should be the first one out the door as well as the first one in.

Always Use a Short Leash

Making use of short leash will let you have more control. It can’t walk away and make difficulties if leashed. If you want to offer a bit more slack to your four legged friend you may use a harness and retractable leashes but retractable leashes are not a good idea, as they give less control to the trainer. If your dog has a tendency to pull, consider making use of a pinch collar. It will allow the dog's tugging weight to be distributed equally across his chest and shoulders. Attaching the leash can assist you to communicate and direct your dog.

The Way to Educate Your Dog Walking on Loose Leash

The dog needs to learn he is following you. If your dog is displaying an excessive amount of excitement or tugging his leash and not letting you keep him behind, just stop and make your dog sit. Wait for several movements until he is calm down and then start again. Bear in mind that when you commence walking again do not call the dog, only start because the pack leaders do not call the pack to accompany. The pack instinctually comes after.

Reward Your Dog During the Walk

The more you do discipline your puppy, the more unlikely it will be to get in difficulty initially. Your dog will become familiar with if you reward him after he has maintained the proper attitude and he performs the wanted action. If you reward your dog too early or too late, he will have problems connecting the reward with the required sensation. Reward time should always be less than the time spent on the walk.