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How to Find Lost Dog

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It’s a nightmare for dog moms and dads that their beloved dog has gotten loose. Although searching a lost dog usually seems to depend on luck, but there are lots of people who find their four legged friend. There are a few actions you can take to find your beloved family member. Just read this article carefully. Your dog can be found, and you have the capacity to achieve it.

First of all Look at Your Own Home Thoroughly

Prior to deciding to step a foot outside your residence, you should initially ensure that your four-legged friend is actually lost. Search your house carefully, under mattresses, dark places, store room, behind heavy furniture and back garden, in case your pet may be hiding or napping somewhere.

If you are Sure

If you are guaranteed that you have lost your dog. Communicate with your family members and others who live nearby and ask when they last saw him/her. Ask family and friends to search around town, around one or two mile radius of the area where the dog was last viewed. Try to get all the neighborhood youngsters involved. Kids are good at finding lost pets.

Make Some Noise

Make some sounds that your dog is aware of, while you walk around the neighborhood, dogs can hear sounds from really far away. Dogs get their way by scent in addition to sound. Placing a number of your own garments, walking suits, dog bedding and most loved toys outdoors can also be very helpful.

Make use of your phone

Make calls to animal control agencies, rescue groups, vets and shelters. You will need to check out the shelters daily. Normally lost dogs are picked up by a government agency which holds them a little while and then hand over to a shelter. If there is actually not a single shelter near to your home, make contact with the police department.

Create a Lost Dog Poster

Posters produce more “finds” as compared to anything else. Any kind of hint you receive from your posters will be valuable, and will give you an idea of where he might be. When creating your poster consider that people will be able to read from a distance or while driving a vehicle. Commence with a big, bold heading: “lost dog “or “missing dog”. Place his picture or list his breed, gender, color, differentiating features, and when and where he was last viewed. Don’t forget to provide your contact information.


Where you need to Place Posters

It is best if you post your “lost dog” poster to pet supply stores, veterinary offices, and several commercial establishments, around educational institutions, trees and Lampposts. Cover all of the busy commercial and pedestrian areas.

Put Ads in the Newspaper

Put ads in local and surrounding area newspapers and run the listing for a minimum of 2 weeks. Just like your "Lost Dog" posters, retain the ad simple. Start with a heading: “lost dog “or “missing dog”. Place his picture or list his breed, gender, color, differentiating features, and when and where he was last viewed. Don’t overlook to provide your contact details.


ID Tag

Get your dog a collar, with ID tag and that must have your name as well as existing contact number and make sure the tag is easily visible and well written. If you are using microchip, ensure that if you have shifted or changed your contact number and forgot to submit an update, remember to do this.

Leash your dog

Be sure to put your dog on a leash while in public places.