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Cutting your Dog's Hair - Popular Dog Hair Styles

Nowadays as well as making sure we have fashionable hair styles ourselves many dog owners want to give their dogs the same hair style treatment. But not all dogs are equal when it comes to hair length and type and so some styles are more suited to one breed than others. How you style your dog also depends on whether you show your dog or not. If the dog is not being shown they can have some trimming and thinning to suit the weather also, for example making them cooler if it is warm. All that really matters is that the dog is comfortable and you like it.

If you so show your dog the AKC (American Kennel Club) has standards that have to be followed. For example the long haired Afghan hound is required to have the coat stay in its natural state, with no clipping or trimming allowed. A Maltese being shown should have a long coat that reaches the ground. The Keeshond is allowed to have minor trimming around its legs ans feet but other than that handlers would be penalized severely.


Popular Dog Hair Style Options

1) The Puppy Cut

This is a standard trim style that is often used to help dogs gets used to the groomer and is good to keep dogs cooler in the summer months. Half of the hair is evenly trimmed all over to a length between 1 to 2 inches using a clipper and the hair on the face may also be trimmed if needed to help the dog see better. You can talk with the groomer if you want a shorter or longer look for your dog.

2) The Retriever

Dogs with long or curly hair often get the retriever hairstyle. This is where all the fur is cut to one inch and the face and tail fur is cut shorter. The name comes from the fact the cut looks like the natural look of a golden retriever. This cut is another one that is good for keeping long haired dogs cool in warmer months.

3) The Continental or the Poodle Clip

A popular cut for poodles that shows off their back legs is the continental. Shaved are the rear, face, legs, hind legs, tail, feet. Pompoms are left on the bottom of the legs near the joints called bracelets and on the tail. Fur that is left around the head and the chest is not cut though sometimes the groomer may give it a trim to make it more even.

4) Yorkshire Top Knot

Yorkies have hair that many owners leave to grow so that it is long enough to touch the floor and parts down the middle of their back to fall over each side evenly. The hair around the face is often pulled back and held in a bow up on their head. Some opt to just have the face trimmed so that the dog can see.

5) The Lion

Pomeranians can often be found sporting this look. The fur on the legs and back of the body is shaved very short leaving just pompoms around the tail's tip and the feet. But the fur on the front half of the body is allowed to remain long looking much like the mane of a lion hence its name!

6) Schnauzer Cut

While called the Schnauzer cut it is used on a number of breeds including Yorkshire terriers. At the top of the body the fur is shaved close but a fringe is left around the legs and lower body. Eyebrows and a beard are left on the dog's face to finish off this look.

7) The Teddy Bear

This cut is pretty much a mix of the retriever cut and the puppy cut. All the fur on the dog;s body gets a trim but it is left longer than the retriever cut but shorter than the puppy cut. The face and tail fur are cut shorter than the rest of the body as with the retriever cut. It is a cut used for practical purposes to help dogs maintain their fur and keep it free of tangles and mats while keeping it at an even length.

8) Shih Tzu Style

The breed standard for the Shih tzu breed is to have a top knot and long hair however it can easily become tangled and matted so many owners who are not showing their dogs opt for a shorter cut. Some have the body shaved leaving the hair longer on the ears, face and tail and some also choose to leave the hair longer on the paws to create the illusion of having booties on.

Shaving your Dog

When the weather is hot and humid it is tempting to shave your dog to give him relief from the heat especially if you have a long haired dog. But this is not necessarily a good idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly if summer is already in full swing and you shave your dog you are removing a form of protection from the sun's rays and he could then get badly sunburned. Secondly if your dog has a double coat ie a topcoat and an undercoat, shaving could lead to permanent coat abnormalities when it grows back. While you may think having two coats means they are going to suffer more in fact the topcoat is there to help them naturally cool down. You can shave your dog though if it is still cool Spring time and if they have a single coat like bichon frises or poodles as that fur will grow back normal.


Breeds with wire-coats

Some breeds are wire-coated long-haired and this means rather than cutting or shaving they need to be stripped. Stripping means you or a groomer has to pluck out old hairs from their topcoat so that new hair can grow in. It can be completed in one session but is pretty time consuming. Most when doing it themselves opt to do it over a week taking a section each day. This is known as 'rolling the coat'.

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