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Gastric torsion Or gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), also called bloat (swelling), is a canine condition that may pose a threat to animal life and is associated with acute distension of the stomach and the ability to twist the axis. The resulting clinical processes are among the most complex and difficult for those who have to face the vet.

Twisting or torsion of the stomach is one of the most serious mortal danger which threatens dogs. Gastric torsion is a medical emergency with a death rate around 30-40%. The death occurs most often due to failure of the cardiovascular system.

Large breed dogs are at risk mainly. There is a view that contributes to the creation of torsion of of the stomach. Feeding, which gets into the stomach, creating gases, thus enormously increasing its volume, and the movement can then rotate the stomach. Because of the large vessel constriction reduces blood pressure, the body is sufficiently supplied with oxygen leads to circulatory shock and effecting peristalsis. In addition, die of the stomach wall.


Is difficult to determine whether or not the gene plays a role in disease development. It is true that there has been an increased incidence of the disease in some lines than in others within the same race, but it is also true that these dogs tend to belong to the same owner or live in similar conditions, which is difficult separate genetic environmental aspects.

Equally difficult to determine is the importance of excessive ingestion of food or water. You can imagine that if you overeat canine friend, cause any ligament weakened efforts. Finding no connection related dietary habits, researchers have focused their attention on the possibility of internal problems in these dogs as, for example, weak contractions of the muscles of the stomach or hormonal hyperactivity.



If the stomach twists, not its contents or move backward or forward. Leads to the formation of gases and other problems worse. The most common symptoms include thickening abdominal cavity, assuming unnatural positions, curved posture, restlessness, unsuccessful efforts to vomit, increased salivation, which is accompanied by symptoms of shock (rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, pale mucous membranes).

Let's look at individual symptoms as follow each other: increase the volume of the abdomen, to look stiff abdomen, which is then painful to the touch, vomiting bubbles or liquid unsuccessful attempts at vomiting, rapid swallowing, excessive salivation, rapid breathing, excessive drinking, lack of appetite , red or pale gums (not naturally pink), stooped posture when standing or lying, lying or sitting in unusual positions, writhing to search hidden places, unnaturally quiet behavior, apathy . It should be noted that the symptoms followed in quick succession. At any suspected twisted stomach is therefore an urgent need to seek veterinary help. The more time elapses in an operation that could save your dog's life, the worse the prognosis. For confirmation or exclusion of torsion is carried out X-ray examination is the only reliable diagnostic method.


With bloat, symptoms usually quickly very disturbing. Usually, the dog shortly after eating restless and nauseous. He clearly does not feel comfortable. Often he tries to vomit, but it's not bad and there is more than some white mucus out. In a short time the abdomen swells clear, especially on the left. This is because the food is digested in the stomach slightly, with gases that the stomach but now can not leave. When you tap on the belly with your fingers, you hear a hollow tone.


If a dog has bloat, there should rapidly be taken. To begin attempting a snake, gavage, to bring in the stomach. If you're lucky, the gases and often the rest of the stomach contents escape through this hose. The stomach is smaller and therefore the chance that he turns back to its normal position. When he is more than half a turn, often no longer manages to get inside the hose. The stomach probe is then attached to the end of the esophagus. In such a case tried cross with a hollow needle to puncture. Stomach through the abdominal wall The gases through the needle out and with a little luck turns the stomach far back that it is possible to express to the rest of the content to transfer out. The gavage If all else fails, or if it does work, but the stomach then right back on, there is nothing else than the surgery to try.


The goal of surgery is to empty the stomach and back turning. Return to its normal position The decision to operate the dog must be quick, because the chance of survival decreases with minute. Then, the abdomen cut open in the middle in the longitudinal direction. Often you see immediately the stomach bulge outward. At this stage of the operation the stomach always where one tries to spin that one who assists in the operation of the stomach tube it can get and the stomach can empty siphon back. If the stomach by its huge size so stuck that reversal is impossible, there is no choice but to cut him open and emptying. Wound through which You must be very careful that you do not spill into the abdominal cavity with stomach contents, this can cause a significant peritonitis to occur. When the stomach is empty, he sutured, put back in place and fastened.

When the treatment of the stomach is torsion, with or without operation successfully completed, the dog treated with medications for several days, so that the contraction of the stomach is stimulated.


You can try to prevent the dog instead of one or two times more often to perform. Someday the occurrence of bloat Moreover, it is wise not to go hiking or frolic, right after eating with a dog because that is tilting the stomach work in hand. Bloat is always an emergency and if the patient is not treated quickly, he dies. In a very nasty way.