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Arid summer can be more dangerous to canine that many dog breeders realize. When a canine's internal temp is raised very high up to 106 degrees F, a chemical reaction takes place that crack the cells in pet's body and in result death can occur. , Here are some general steps to take and keep your pet healthy and prevent heat stroke.

Outdoors dog always facilitated with bounty of water and shade. If there is unusual hot, take time to check the outdoor temperature in your dam/dog’s area. It may be too hot in some places to leave your canine out-of-doors apart from of how much water and shade your pet has.

1. Take water with you when walking your canine. Examine your dog cautiously for indications for over-heating, such as out of breath, it loss energy, and any clear weakness. If your dog/bitch starts to show signs of heat suffering, stop in a shade and serve him with cool water. If symptoms remain existed, take him direct to vet care.

2. Never leave your canine unattended in a parked car yet you park in the shade and the windows open somewhat, the internal temperature of your car can rise and can cause of a fatal danger for your dog/bitch.

3. if you have planning for a long drive with your pet your car should be equipped with windows shade, and you must carry with you cold water it can help you keep your pet hydrate.

4. Bulldogs, pugs, and other breeds with short muzzles can caught commonly heat exhaustion special care must be taken with these breeds for prevention of heat stroke.

5. For cooling of a dog you may sprinkle cold water on the effected dog until he/she get cool.

6. Pharmacies provide athlete-grade ice packs that can be frozen and create little mess. It can be applied directly to exact areas.

If you observe the signs of heat stroke in your dog/bitch, use a rectal thermometer to check his temperature. If you noted 1050F, keep your dog/bitch in a cool bath or direct in front of air conditioner and call your vet right away. When your dog’s/bitch temp drops to 103 or 1040 F, you can take him out of the cool bath so his temperature won't drop too quickly.