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Bed Bugs and Dogs

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Bed bugs are small creatures that continue living on blood. They are most active at night or in a dark area and bite while individual is resting or sleeping. They are non flying crawling insects that come into your home through household furniture or travel luggage and hide in small cracks, furniture, bed frames, under wall papers, behind picture frames and mattresses. They can also be identified by their waste, which appears small black or dark brown spots. Normally bed bug can live seventy days without food. If ignored they can easily increase their production and spread entire building. Bed bugs can be found everywhere from high quality hotels to homes. With greater than before bed bug cases noticed, peoples are asking lots of questions about these. Canine masters are wondering whether bed bugs can harm their four legged friends.

Can Your Dog Get Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t have sense about who they bite. The first priority of bed bugs is human blood but they can also infiltrate a dog’s bed as an alternative way to obtain food. They are not bioengineered to go through the coat and hair. If there is no other place for them to go then they will go to additional food options and that would be your dog.

How to Spot Bugs

The simplest way to keep an eye on bed bugs is to learn more as to what they appear to be. It is better to contact a bug’s control professional. If you believe that you may have an infestation, do not permit the problem to rise where it could upset you or your dog. Connect and plan to have an inspector come out and see if bed bugs are the problem.


If You Find Bed Bugs on Your Dog’s Coat

Make contact with your animal medical practitioner to find out what shampoo you can use to kill the bed bugs on your dog . Possibly, your pet will be bitten in the dark, and then they will go and hide in the daytime for digesting the blood. So during the day, you may not easily see the bugs, but you will find the bite marks or your dog will be itching the bites.

If You Find Bugs in Your Dog’s Bed

Normally, the dryer is best. Simply throw bedding in the dryer and dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t forget to put toys and everything, he comes in touch with. You can rinse it but it’s the high temperature is more effective and it gets both the parents and the eggs. If you find them anywhere else, bugs killer spray can also be used in all small cracks including furniture, mattress, behind wall papers, picture frames etc.