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Swedish Vallhund


Swedish Vallhund also referred to as "västgötaspets" may be a breed of dog. It’s believed that the Swedish Vallhund distinguished itself throughout the age of Vikings, quite 1,000 years past. Called the "Viking dog", the Vallhund was bred to herd cattle, catch vermin (such as rats), and guard the house. The Vallhund was additionally brought up as "the very little cattle dog of the Vikings. Faithful his heritage as a working farm dog breed, the Swedish Vallhund is an intelligent and alert companion. He’s an energetic dog who wants an equally active owner. Swedish Vallhund may be a little, powerful, fearless breed that has been unbroken for hundreds of years as a farm dog used for herding cattle and sheep. Today, they usually participate in obedience, agility, tracking, herding and fly ball. The Swedish Vallhund comes naturally with no tail (bobtail), stub tail or full curl tail. Usually brought up as a 'big dog in a very little body,' the Swedish Vallhund is an alert, energetic, and intelligent dog. Their even temper and eager-to-please temperament build them marvelous family companions whereas their active and athletic spirit makes them sensible herding dogs, though they will need comfortable daily exercise. Their double coat is marked in a very sable pattern and may be any color from gray to red. Their tight, medium-length coat is easy to groom and needs occasional brushing and bathing. Height of Swedish Vallhund is 12 to 16 inches and weight is 25 to 35 pounds. Life expectancy of Swedish Vallhund is normally 12 to14 years.

Swedish Vallhund History

It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund goes back more than a thousand years in Kingdom of Sweden to the times of the Vikings, wherever they were called the "Vikingarnas Hund," the "Viking Dog." throughout the eighth or ninth century, historians state that either the Swedish Vallhund was delivered to Wales or the corgi was taken to Sweden, thence the similarities between the 2 breeds. The Swedish Vallhund nearly became extinct in Kingdom of Sweden in 1942 however was saved from that fate once Count Bjorn von Rosen of Sweden became concerned. in 2007 AKC recognized this breed.


Swedish Vallhund Life Expectancy

Life expectancy of Swedish Vallhund dog is normally 12 to14 years.

Swedish Vallhund Appearance

Swedish Vallhund could be a little, low to the ground, however durable dog. The head is quite long with a muzzle that appears square once viewed from the facet, with a well-defined stop. The nose and lips are black. The teeth meet in an exceedingly scissors bite. The oval-shaped, medium-sized eyes are dark in color. The ears are rather mobile, and firm from the bottom to the tip. The tail is either naturally long, stub, or bobbed, however is also typically docked. Note: docking tails is against the law in most parts of Europe. The neck is long and muscular. The legs are short, however powerful. Dewclaws are typically removed. The oval-shaped feet are medium in size, pointing straight ahead. The dog includes a tight, harsh, medium length outer coat with a soft, dense undercoat. Coat hairs are slightly longer on the neck, chest and also the back of the hind legs. Coat colors embrace grey, red-yellow, red-brown and gray-brown could have a little quantity of white markings. The dogs will have a well-defined mask with lighter hair around the eyes, muzzle and beneath the throat.

Swedish Vallhund Weight and Height

Height of Swedish Vallhund is 12 to 16 inches and weight is 25 to 35 pounds.

Swedish Vallhund Temperament

Spirited and athletic, nevertheless steady and dependable, the Swedish Vallhund may be a true "big dog with short legs." Hiking, herding, obedience, agility, or chasing balls (with shocking speed) are pleasant outlets for the Vallhund's enthusiasm and want to figure. Swedish Vallhunds like to be challenged with new tasks. If his days embody such moderate exercise, together with the adoring company of his family, he's adaptable and simple to live with. Most Swedish Vallhunds are friendly (or a minimum of polite) with everybody and create smart watchdogs. Most are fine with other animals and particularly marvelous with livestock, together with horses. This attentive breed learns quickly and responds well to obedience training; however he will mix the freelance judgment of a herding breed with the persistent, typically artful nature of the spitz family. You want to have the boldness to ascertain and systematically enforce rules, or he might compose his own. Swedish Vallhunds like their flock (family members and different pets) to be gathered along and should attempt to accomplish this by poking or nipping. Barking has to be controlled.


Swedish Vallhund with children and other pets

Swedish Vallhund is a loyal and dedicated dog that may attached to one man in family. It is good with kids that know how to treat such a sighthound. It must be socialized and trained to avoid any destruction of household pets. It is reserved with strange persons and dogs as well.

Swedish Vallhund Other Names

Swedish Vallhund, Västgötaspets, Vaestgoetaspets, Vallhund, Swedish Cattle Dog, Västgötaspets.

Swedish Vallhund Care and Grooming

Tough, tight and medium coat of the breed is easy to groom. once a week brushing is enough. Bathe is on requirement. It is average shedding breed.

Swedish Vallhund Health Issues

Swedish Vallhund is generally healthy breed, however, some may prone to certain health issues.

Swedish Vallhund Training

Training is a factor that can influence a dog’s character throughout its life. To train a dog well is entire responsibility of dog owners. Swedish Vallhund must be properly socialized and trained to impair over protectiveness as an adult. In spite of their smaller size they can be fit to be a good watchdog or guard dog.


Swedish Vallhund Exercise

Swedish Vallhund breed can do well in apartment livings if sufficiently exercised, very active indoors and can do well without a yard. Little but naturally active dog, it must always be give confidence to stay active. At least it would have needed to be taken on daily long walk.

Swedish Vallhund Recognition

Swedish Vallhund is recognized by KCGB, NZKC, APRI, ACR, AKC, DRA, NAPR and ACA.

Swedish Vallhund Group


Swedish Vallhund Litter Size

The normal litter size of Swedish Vallhund is generally 04 to 10 puppies.

Swedish Vallhund Good Names

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