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Norwich Terrier


The Norwich Terrier is an English-originated breed of dog bred to hunt rats, vermin and rodents. This breed was anciently used to bolt foxes out of dens for human hunters with pack of hounds accompanying them. It is friendly, playful and sociable dog that is favorite family companion of modern day. This clownish terrier is a true terrier by heart and believed to be the smallest amongst terrier group. Its nature is adventurous with strong hunting and chasing instinct. This is family oriented dog that thrives in family, they are affectionate with children and affordable with other pets. They usually get along well with all pets including dogs and cats if all of the pets are grown together. Housetraining is fairly easy yet challenging due to its independent, stubborn and self-sufficient attitudes. These dogs rank on top of working terriers with long lasting strength and stamina, they are happy when on work. This breed is an energetic companion of lively family with good sense of humor. These Terriers require daily exercises to stay calm and harmonious. Unsatisfied with its physical exertion, it would be destructive with excessive barking, chewing and digging. They may give healthy chase, thus should be kept in fenced yard or leashed. Its coat requires healthy grooming efforts.

Norwich Terrier History

This breed is developed in East Anglia, England. Earlier, the Norwich and Norfolk Terriers were considered a single breed with slight difference of ear type. In 1964 English breeders separated them in two distinguished breed types. In 1979 AKC officially recognized these breeds; one with erected ears was named as Norwich Terrier and the other with dropped ears was named Norfolk Terrier. The primary application of this breed was to arrest rats and bolt foxes out of dens during fox hunting season. Its small size was much suited to penetrate through narrow passages to flush foxes, thereafter; human hunters on the back of horses were used to chase those foxes with packs of hounds.

Norwich Terrier Life Expectancy

This breed enjoys a life span of 10 to 14 years.


Norwich Terrier Appearance

Norwich Terrier is a high spirited and lively dog with stocky and sturdy build. Square-proportioned, this breed holds all features as of other standard terrier breeds but in small and compact size, its small size is useful during chase of foxes through narrow passageways. The gait is energetic with good reach and drive. Its sharp teeth are helpful in arresting the prey. Tail of the dog is strong and can be pulled out of the holes when trapped. Outer coat is wiry and hard with straight hairs. The Norwich Terrier bears fox-like appearance.

Norwich Terrier Weight and Height

This terrier is 8 to 10 inches tall with an average of 12 pounds of weight. Males and females do not differ to a notable extent and generally possess equal proportions. This breed is the smallest amongst all terrier group.

Norwich Terrier Temperament

The Norwich Terriers are small in size but hold all qualities of larger terriers. They are fearless, daring and robust dogs. Norwich terriers are active family companions that share house hold activities eagerly. They are independent and self-sufficient in nature and will not accept dominance from other dogs. This tireless breed is said to be crazy for challenges and desires any task to do. Good with children above 8 years of age, they need supervision with young toddlers. They get along well with other dogs but after socialization. Cats and other canine pets can be afforded with them if all of them are raised together. During housetrain, introduce them with new peoples pets and places. The Norwich Terriers can dig quickly if you leave them in yard for a while. You can provide a corner to dig, thereafter inhibiting them from doing this gradually. These terriers require healthy amount of daily exercise for their physical and mental stimulation, they require healthy grooming efforts as well. When not satisfied, they tend to be destructive with excessive barking, chewing and digging. Further they would get rambunctious and restless.


Norwich Terrier with children and other pets

This breed loves to everyone, stays affectionate and caring. They are exemplarily good with children and thrive in a family with kids; they would be the best colleagues if your child and the puppy of Norwich Terrier are grown together. They may get annoy with rough pulling by very young toddlers. Keep educating your family and children about right handling of the dogs at home. As a general rule, children below 8 years of age should always be supervised when playing with dogs. The Norwich Terriers have no issues with other pets including dogs and can get along well easily; they would be more harmonious and peaceful if all of the pets are raised together. They can live with cats too but after valid socialization. Non-canine pets would need supervision, otherwise expect healthy chase by this terrier.

Norwich Terrier Care and Grooming

Its medium-length shaggy coat is weather resistive and waterproof. Its care and maintenance is fairly easy but with regular brushing or combing. Clipping may also be required but in a small quantity. This breed would require additional care during shedding seasons. Bathing should include dry shampoo and should be contained to a very limited frequency. Its shedding is light that will not spoil your house.

Norwich Terrier Health Issues

This breed is healthy, a very less health issues are reported that include back bone problems, genetic eye disease and skin problems, however periodic inspection and checkups by veterinary expert is suggested.

Norwich Terrier Training

This is an intelligent working terrier that is happy when on job. Its training is fairly easy, still definite rules and commands of training are required. The dog would be attracted more if interactive yet diverse training sessions are conducted. They would respond more amiably with good food or toy rewards on their remarkable achievements. Housetraining would be demanding in terms of time required, owner should exercise patience and consistency, crate training would be more fruitful but the dog should be given fair chances of free walks in yard. Owner should exercise authoritative control and should demonstrate true leadership.


Norwich Terrier Exercise

The Norwich Terriers need regular exercise for their physical and mental stimulation. Like many terrier breeds, this dog also has ample supply of energy, it can give you satisfying company in running, walking and jogging, they can run to chase as well. Generally 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous play sessions or other physical activities are necessary to stay calm, peaceful and tranquil in the house. Unsatisfied by its exertion, it would be too boisterous to control indoors. Destructive behaviors like excessive chewing, digging and barking may be observed when not satisfied.

Norwich Terrier Recognition


Norwich Terrier Litter Size

Generally its litter size is 2 to 3 puppies in one litter. In rare cases it could be as high as 4 puppies but rate of survival decreases.

Norwich Terrier Group

Terrier by AKC.

Norwich Terrier Good Names

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