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Karelian Bear Dog

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 Karelian Bear Dog


The fearless hunter, Karelian Bear dog is a national treasure of its homeland; it is a furious hunter of bears, moose and wild boar. Its look is charming, sharp and active besides intelligent, independent by instinct while intense loyal and devoted to its owner and family. The learning response is tough and challenging that require well experienced handler. The Karelian Bear Dog is tough to domesticate, not suitable for a casual or new dog owner. The breed is less or completely non-responsive to harsh training methodology, they tend to escape and avoid such family members who cause them irritation. They are fond of healthy food, reward based training that including food packages, toys and other interactive activities are proved much beneficial and scored a positive response. The breed is willing to work, eager to be applied on hardworking jobs to stimulate its mental and physical satisfaction. Healthy amount of exercises on daily bases is mandatory to retain harmony and peace indoors. They tend to overly active, rambunctious and destructive with excessive barking, digging and jumping if not satisfied with exercises. They should not be trusted off leashed to give chance for escape as they hold strong prey drive. The breed is high energetic and can be accommodated in a house with outdoor lifestyle, they are not suitable for apartment life.

Karelian Bear Dog History

Archeological records relate this dog with modern Russo-European Laika due to their similarity of appearance but standards of both these breeds differs a lot. This breed is originally a sharp hunter of small animals including squirrels, marten, moose, wild boar and bears. Their bark is loud enough to distract the bears from a human hunter came close to kill. This breed was used to control the attacks of bears in Yosemite and Glacier National Parks; they also worked for Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. The area “Karelina” in northern Europe has always been a well populated region by tough and big-game hunting canines. This breed too developed here and was known to have followed the first settlers to Finland thousands years ago. This breed was widely used by elk hunters throughout Finland, Sweden and Norway, its first appearance in dog shows recorded in 1936. This breed suffered extinction after World War II but lucky to be survived with extensive breed protection programs. Currently the dog is in a rise of its popularity and is being bred in North America as well. In native country the breed is used as a favored dog, a hunting companion of big games.


Karelian Bear Dog Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of this breed is 12 to 14 years.

Karelian Bear Dog Appearance

This hunting dog is medium in size with an average height of 23 inches at shoulder level. The build is compact, sturdy and strong, slightly longer in length than in height; they appear rectangular when viewed from side. Well muscled and energetic, this dog holds remarkable strength, speed and stamina to hunt for a long duration without feeling of tiredness. Its gait is quick but watchful and alert. Its double coat consists of an undercoat of fine and soft but short of length while outer coat is stiff, harsh and straight, the overall combination results in adaptability for any environmental and climatic conditions. The dog comes in black color with white markings, its tail is carried curled to make a sickle or circle over the back forming a ring. Its small eyes show great concentration while ears hold high sensitivity to weak sounds. The overall expression is alert, watchful while dignified and keen.

Karelian Bear Dog Weight and Height

The male dogs from this breed are 21 to 24 inches in height with an average weight of 44 to 52 pounds while females can be 19 to 22 inches at shoulder level with an average weight of 40 to 50 pounds.

Karelian Bear Dog Temperament

The Karelian Bear Dog is a willful, territorial, independent, intelligent, stubborn yet skilled hunting dog. They are robust, persistent but tenaciously unwilling sometimes while powerful, high sensitive and fearless breed. Well devoted and loyal to its family, they take considerable long time to establish bonding. The dog is tough to housetrain and demands a skilled, well experienced, committed and consistent owner with a great degree of patience. The hunter with unyielding bravery and determination, Karelian Bear Dogs dare to fight against wild bears with great pugnacity. This is not an idle dog lying curled in any corner of the house but an enthusiastic, boisterous and restless dog that needs any job to do. Its exercise requirement is very high, it would need your time on long walks, jogs and running sessions. They tend to dominate weak owners and other pets; they would get along well with other canine pets at home but should not be trusted with non-canine pets at all. Never trust off leashed in public places as being a hunter, they hold strong scent detection, tracking and trailing instinct. They welcome family friends with their bark alike unfamiliar persons but are strong protector of their families and their belongings. They are able to tree big game for a long time till the human hunter come and dispatch.


Karelian Bear Dog with children and other pets

This breed is good with older children, usually 8 years and above. Young toddlers may cause the dog irritated by their rough and rowdy play. This breed holds low tolerance to childish rough handling thus young kids should always be supervised when playing with them. The Karelian Bear Dog is seldom found aggressive to other dogs; they usually get along well with other canine pets at home but may pose threat to non-canine pets due to their strong hunting instinct. They are fearless to fight against big wild animals in protection of their families, while able to hunt singly or in the form of packs. Early days familiarization with new peoples, pets and places is necessary, when socializing the dog, teach your children for right handling of the dog as well. Some dogs tend to be possessive of their place, food and toys, children should be educated to avoid snatching their belongings.

Karelian Bear Dog Care and Grooming

The breed is not much demanding in terms of grooming requirements. Brushing once a week to remove loose or dead hairs is considered enough to maintain its look. The breed is average shedder, they can afford hot and cold weathers alike. The Karelian Bear Dog is free of any dog odor.

Karelian Bear Dog Health Issues

The Karelian Bear Dog is a healthy breed with very less record of hereditary health issues. Umbilical hernia and monorchidism are rarely reported among puppies. Periodic inspection by veterinary experts during early age is necessary to maintain healthy status.

Karelian Bear Dog Training

The toughest breed to housetrain, Karelian Bear Dogs demand high efforts from owner for their training. One would be required to spend a lot of time with them to establish relationship, once the bonding with owner is complete, the dog would be submissive and responsive but, this task, truly demands hours daily. This is not a simple dog to welcome you at evening when you return from office but would require time taking company by you. This breed would require augmentation of bonding with family and owner during all its life, they would require attention and devotion, thus a patience, committed and consistent owner is mandatory who can control them with perfect leadership skills. The owner should keep them in natural pack order; familiarize them with new peoples, places, pets, sounds and smells from their very early age of puppyhood. Never try harsh training methods rather reward based training is much appreciated. Food packages on their positive achievements during training would work a lot, they are best trainable with positive reinforcement.


Karelian Bear Dog Exercise

The Karelian Bear Dog is a true hunting dog that thrives in hunting applications. They enjoy outdoor lifestyle; their enormous energy level also demands healthy jobs regularly to maintain poised and peaceful state of mind. They must be exposed to or to be given physical and mental challenges regularly for their physical and mental stimulation. They can be good running companion, a jogging partner and a walking mate. This healthy demand of this breed is one of the reasons preventing popularity among common peoples. They need relatively wider area to exercise, thus not suitable for apartment life.

Karelian Bear Dog Recognition


Karelian Bear Dog Litter Size

Its litter size may vary from 2 to 9 puppies, however an average is established as 4 to 5 puppies in one litter.

Karelian Bear Dog Group

Hunting dog, Northern

Karelian Bear Dog Good Names

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