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Halden Hound

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Halden Hound


The hound type Norwegian dog breed, the Halden Hound or Haldenstøver is medium in size and energetic dog, used for hunting hares and some other field’s prey. It looks like an American foxhound but smaller than the American Foxhounds. It is called Halden due to its origin or native land of Halden, Norway. In addition to the hunting skills, the breed is nice and loving with affection. It is known as a nice family dog and good with children. With a hardy and energetic posture, the breed is able to work even in colder climatic conditions and can maintain a rapid pace for prolong time. These dogs can do well in houses that have larger enclosed areas for dog play, and moreover, it does well with owners who can pay a reasonable attention to dog’s daily exercises need. The prolong separation or inactivity can make these dogs unhappy and restless. Alike other various hounds, it cannot hunt in packs. They are only bred to hunt alone with master. These dogs are not suggested for apartments, they are active indoor and can perform well with larger areas. It is pretty healthy breed and no health issue is known for the breed. With an average shedding, the shorthaired smooth coat is easy to groom. The Height of the Halden Hound is 17 to 21 inches and weight is 40 to 55 pounds. The life expectancy of the Halden Hound is about 12 years.

Halden Hound History

Norwegian Breed, originated in Halden a town in Southeastern Norway, it meets rarely outside the Norway. The one smallest hare hound breed among three Norwegain hare hound breeds. In early 1900s, it was bred as a scent hound by crossing local Norwegian Scenthounds with German, Sweden and England’s Scent hounds. In the 1950s, the initially breed standard was established. It is recognized by the three dog registries including the FCI, the DRA and the ACA.

Halden Hound Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of Halden Hound is about 12 years.


Halden Hound Appearance

It looks like American foxhound in appearance but smaller in size. These are robust dogs with a straight and firm back and rectangular body. The skull of the breed is somewhat domed with a distinct stop and straight nose-bridge. However, cheeks are flat. Eyes of the breed are dark brown filled with kind expressions. The breed has drooping ears that are pendulous and curled. Noses come in black color. The tail is moderately thick, low set, and hanging to the hocks. It is a dog with a smooth dense short coat that is coloring white with black patches and on the head and legs there is brown shading.

Halden Hound Weight and Height

The Height of the Halden Hound is 17 to 21 inches and weight is 40 to 55 pounds.

Halden Hound Temperament

A clever dog with high energy and endurance. A wonderful hare hunter and can even hunt in snowy terrains. It is filled with kind and loyalty. The dog is known as a nice hare hunting dog, but in addition to primary duty, it also well reputed as a family dog and house pet. It can do well with kids with a tender behavior and mild attitude. It is not overly act and play with kids. Unlike other hounds it cannot able to hunt in packs. It was bred to hunt alone with master. It wants attention and if left alone or unexercised for a long time, It may tend to be bore and a boring hound may be restless and timid. Never let it alone for prolong times. It needs a lot of exercises.

Halden Hound with children and other pets

Although, Halden Hound is nice and good with children but children must be taught how to interact with a hound dog. It is a hound by nature and can be destructive if bore or teased by children by rough play. Other dogs and pets must be avoided until they are socialized with it.


Halden Hound Care and Grooming

The coat of the breed is sleek and short but dens, It is average shedding dog. The coat of the breed is easy to groom and just wants ordinary attention and care for maintenance. Once or twice a week brushing is enough.

Halden Hound Health Issues

it is a moderate and healthy breed and no health issue is known.

Halden Hound Training

Training of this hare hound breed must be conducted as early as possible and session must be short. With a gentle and consistent hand the positive reinforcement of training can help the dog to flourish as owner required. It is the key to success.

Halden Hound Exercise

These dogs are energetic, and filled with endurance so they required a plenty of exercise. The daily exercise is vital for these energetic dogs. They required taken to a walk on daily basis, jog and run is an additional the benefit for them. A daily walk may fulfill its daily exercise needs, however, if it will provided with run and play time it will be contented and happy in addition. These dogs are not suggested for apartments. They are very active indoor are suitable for those houses that are with larger yards.


Halden Hound Recognition

It is Recognized by the DRA, ACA, and FCI.

Halden Hound Group


Halden Hound Good Names

Here are some good names for Halden Hound. If you have a Halden Hound puppy/dog and the name is not yet decided then you should just click the link below and chose one good name for cute puppy of Halden Hound. Good names are for good dogs and the unique name for unique puppies and black names for black dog. All the names are available over here that are just one click far from you. Click the link and see the all names for dogs.

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