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Great Dane Pit Bull Mix

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Great Dane Pit Bull Mix

The Great Dane Pit Bull Mix is a mixed breed the result of breeding a Great Dane with an American Pit Bull Terrier. Also known as the Great Danebull it is a large to giant dog with a life span of 10 to 15 years. It is classed in the terrier and non sporting breed group and has talents in guarding and watchdog. There are some who show concern over combining the size and strength of the Great Dane with the aggression of the Pit Bull but in fact this dog can be very intuitive and affectionate with early socialization and training. Here is a glance at its parents.

Here is the Great Danebull at a Glance
Other Names Great Danebull
Average height 24 to 30 inches
Average weight 60 to 100 pounds
Coat type Glossy, smooth, short, stiff
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs Moderate
Shedding Moderate to fairly high – expect hair around the home
Brushing High maintenance – coat needs brushing daily
Touchiness Quite sensitive
Tolerant to Solitude? Low to moderate – does not like being left alone
Barking Rare – does not bark a lot but has a loud one
Tolerance to Heat Good – can handle warm weather but nothing too hot
Tolerance to Cold Low to moderate - needs extra care when it gets cold
Good Family Pet? Very good to excellent with socialization
Good with Children? Good to very good with socialization
Good with other Dogs? Moderate to good but needs socialization
Good with other Pets? Good with socialization
A roamer or Wanderer? Low
A Good Apartment Dweller? No
Good Pet for new Owner? Excellent
Trainability Moderately good – as long as you approach it properly
Exercise Needs Very active – needs a lot of physical and mental exercise
Tendency to get Fat Moderate
Major Health Concerns Quite healthy but a few issues include Development issues, bloat, cancer, heart problems, surgical issues, hyperthyroidism
Life Span 10 to 15 years
Average new Puppy Price $600
Average Annual Medical Expense $485 to $600 a year (includes pet insurance, vet check ups, flea and tick prevention and shots)
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $500 to $650 a year (includes toys, food, license, training, miscellaneous items and grooming)


The Great Dane

Ancient breed originally called for their purpose, Boar Hounds, they were bred to be powerful hunters. While the name suggests there is some Danish in them, in fact the Danish had nothing to do with him! It was the Germans who took the naturally aggressive Great Dame and tempered it into something gentler. Today when well bred it is a great sweet dog, dependable and gentle.

The America Pit Bull Terrier

Its ancestors were used in England to bait bulls and then later became dogs fighters. This meant they were bred to be aggressive, courageous, tenacious. When they were brought to America they were used on farms to hunt game and to guard the property. Breeders also focused on developing a dog who was also family friendly and gentle. Today we see their success. The dog when from a good breeder, is confident, alert, friendly, courageous, and very loyal and affectionate.


This is a large to giant mixed breed weighing 60 to 100 pounds and measuring 24 to 30 inches tall. It has a long body and long legs and usually leans more towards the leanness of the Great Dane rather than the muscular look of the Pit Bull. The ears are usually low set and small and the tail curls a little going upwards. Its coat is short, smooth and glossy and common colors are cream, golden, black, gray, brown, spotted, white, brindle, fawn, merle and salt and pepper.


The Great Dane Pit Bull Mix is an intelligent, devoted and loving dog and makes a great companion. While some may have concern over mixing the size of the Great Dane with the strength of the Pit Bull in fact this mixed breed is not anymore aggressive or scary than any purebred dog as long as it is bred responsibly. It is happy, alert, affectionate and quite demanding in its need for your adoration and attention! Because of this need for company it does not do well being left alone for long periods and will suffer from separation anxiety.

As both of its large parents like to try to be lap dogs so does it! Expect it to try and sleep with you, lie with you on the couch, have its head somewhere on you when you are reading, it likes the closeness. If you do not want that kind of attention this is not the right dog for you. It can also be quite intuitive, playful and loves to be outside burning off some energy.

Living with a Great Dane Pitbull Mix

How active is it?

It needs rooms to move around for a start so an apartment is not suitable as a living space for this dog. It also should have access to a medium to large sized yard. It will needs at least an hour to an hour and a half a day of exercise that involves a couple of long walks with some play time. It could join you on you jogs or walks, it would like hiking, could learn to jog alongside if you cycle.

What is it like to train?

It is intelligent, eager to please and devoted to its owner which should make it easy to train and quick too. However this only stays true if you are confident in your training and project that confidence and you position as pack leader to it in a positive but firm manner. Consistency in training is very important too. Early socialization and training are important for all dogs, the younger you start the easier it will go for both of you.

Behavior around children and other animals

The Great Dane Pitbull Mix is good with children and other pets but does need early socialization and training to bring out the best in it. Children should also be taught to play nicely with dogs. No tail pulling, trying to climb on its back, teasing it with its food for example. It can be good with other pets if raised with them and with socialization but may see strange small animals as something to chase. Socialization is especially needed for its interactions with other dogs, and supervision is needed until they accept each other.

Caring for the Great Dane Pitbull Mix


As it is short haired it is quite easy to brush its coat, just give it a brush once a day. However these dogs do shed anywhere from a moderate to high amount so there will be additional clean up of hairs around the house to deal with too. Bathe it when it gets dirty using a dog shampoo, avoid bathing too often as it can affect the natural oils in the skin. Trim its nails if they grow too long or leave the groomers to take care of it. Its ears need checking and wiping once a week too. Then the teeth should be brushed once a day if possible or at least three times a week with a doggy toothpaste and toothbrush.



The Great Dane Pitbull Mix will eat about 3 to 6 cups of a good quality dry dog food a day, split into at least two meals to avoid issues with bloat. Make sure it also has access to water that is freshened regularly.

Concerns and Costs

Health issues

It has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years and is fairly healthy but some issues to look out for include Development issues, bloat, cancer, heart problems, surgical issues, hyperthyroidism, Hip dysplasia and allergies.

Cost Breakdown

Puppy costs are around $600 though if a designer breed becomes trendy to have the prices can rocket. It will need a crate, collar and leash, neutering, a micro chip, blood tests and shots. These will cost $450 to $500. Yearly medical costs for emergency medical savings, health check ups, vaccinations and flea prevention are about $485 to $600. Yearly non-medical costs for treats, toys, food, license and training are about $500 to $650.


Looking for a Great Dane Pitbull Mix puppy name? Let's select one from our list!

  • Male and Female Puppy Names
  • If you want a mixed breed of a big size that is a great companion, curious and playful but gentle and loving too then this could be the right one for you. It needs you to be active, to understand the importance of training and early socialization and to accept the hair it is going to leave around! Make sure too that you get one from a decent breeder and avoid backyard breeders, pet stores and puppy mills.


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