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Gerberian Shepsky


The Gerberian Shepsky also refers as German Shepherd husky mix or Siberian Husky German Shepherd hybrid dog . This German Shepherd and husky mix is a sociable, loyal, intelligent and alert dog. They may tend to be good family pet and watch dog in addition to Guard Dog . The prime job of Gerberian Shepsky may be agility, police work, Watch Dog , weight pulling and Guarding. If they have proper socialization they may be Good with Kids and the all other pets at home. Devoted to the family, the Gerberian Shephsky dog are also nice behaving and protector of the family at time, some time tend over protecting. It likes to make a strong bond with its family. It needs early socialization as like other breeds, tending good toward children but not do well with strangers, it may work good as watchdog and also perform nicely when going to be guard dog. Being intelligent and active dogs they would need to have a firm, gently consistent training, they are easy to train dog. Moreover, it would like to have adequate daily exercises in order to satisfy its need of time.

The Strength, trainability, obedience and outstanding Intelligent make it a right choice for many types of work including police work, search & rescue operations, military role and Herding , watch and guard dog as well.

The height and weight of Gerberian Shepherd is 20 to 25 inches and 45 to 88 pounds respectively. The life expectancy of the German Shepherd husky mix is about 10 to 13 years.

Gerberian Shepsky Other Names

The Gerberian Shepsky also refers as:

Siberian Husky/German Shepherd hybrid dog, German Shepherd Husky mix, Husky and german shepherd mix

Gerberian Shepsky Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the German Shepherd husky mix is about 10 to 13 years.

Gerberian Shepsky Appearance

Gerberian Shepsky appearance may closely resemble its parent dogs and it also have mixed color pattern of the parents. The common coat colors of the Gerberian Shepsky (Siberian husky/ German shepherd hybrid dog) are black, red, blue, White, Black & Brown, light brown, cream, salt/pepper, golden and gray or may be combination of any color of their parent breeds. Gerberian Shepsky has double coat of straight, medium to long and dense hair, the inner coat is thick and soft. The double coat gives it protection from cold and hot weather. The pointing ears, muzzle, eyes and the skull resemble some of German shepherds and somewhat Siberian husky.

Gerberian Shepsky Weight and Height

The weight and Height of Gerberian Shepsky is 45 to 88 pounds and 20 to 25 inches respectively.

Gerberian Shepsky Temperament

Gerberian Shepsky a loving dog that is loyal, intelligent, gentle and devoted to their family. These dogs while having protecting trait of German Shepherd will become a great protective of the family, however, sometimes tend over protector. If it is socialized and train well throughout its puppyhood will tend nice toward children, and other pets at home. However, without adequate introduction and interaction, it stays aloof of the strangers and cannot do well with them. Thus it forms a nice watchdog as well as guard dog. These dogs like to be busy in learning new things, and being active pet like to have sufficient daily exercises in order maintain its physical shape and also for mental satisfaction. The better way to determine the temperament of the mix dog is to research about the temperament of both parent breeds. We will now study the temperament of both parent breeds in ensuing paragraphs:

What Look like when German Shepherd side Dominant?

With the temperamental qualities of a German Shepherd parent, the Gerberian Shepsky will act like a true working dog as German Shepherd is. It will inherit the protecting instinct and alertness and athleticism from German Shepherd parents. Furthermore, with dominant German Shepherd side, it may tend to be courageous, very alert, keenly fearless, cheerful and obedient, quick leaner and nice behaving around the family. Moreover, it may tend to be so clever, dedicated, loyal with great devotion toward family. These dogs would like to establish strong bonds with their respective human families and stay very loyal to that person who handle them.

What Look like when Husky side Dominant?

With instinctive qualities of the Siberian Husky, the Gerberian Shepsky will tend to be endearing, loving, gentle and playful with happy-go-lucky nature. These dogs will be keenly fond of their families and human companions. While having husky dominion over temperament, they may tend difficult to housebreak. It will need a very potent, strong and commanding pack leader in order to train them. They need hard and firm, consistent and gentle training for being good dog. While having good training and proper socialization, it may tend docile, loving and good with children.

Gerberian Shepsky with children and other pets

While it have early age socialization, the subject dog will do good while interacting with children at homes as well as domesticated animals and pets. However, it may tend to show aggression toward strangers and bark when any approaching to the door, thus it forms a watchdog. It also performs the duty of a guard dog. You should teach your children how to interact with dogs and never tease and annoy them when eating food and drinking water. At this time, they may tend so possessive and occur more dangerous for those children who irritate them. In order to prevent any damage of your dog or kid you should teach your kids well.

Gerberian Shepsky Care and Grooming

Parents of Gerberian Shepsky are heavy shedding breeds; but the Gerberian Shepksy are moderate shedding dogs. The double coat of the mixed dog would need regular brushing for preventing it to get more tangling and matting. Ear of the breed should be cleaned regularly and eyes also checked time to time.

Gerberian Shepsky Health Issues

The Gerberian Shepsky is a hybrid dog and hybrids have less health issues than the purebred dogs. It may inherit some or any of the health issues of parent breeds, that are enlisted below:

Elbow and hip dysplasia, eye issues, digestive problems, blood disorders, bloat, chronic, epilepsy, eczema, dwarfism, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), flea allergies, Perianal fistulas and Von Willebrand's disease., splenic tumors (tumors on the spleen), PRA (primarily in male dogs), EPI (endocrine pancreatic insufficiency), DM (degenerative myelitis), ectopy (displacement of the urethra), , corneal dystrophy and crystalline corneal opacities.

Gerberian Shepsky Training

The Gerberian Shepsky dogs are intelligent and sharp mind that will learn in quick time. It may tend easy to train and stubborn and independent at time. It needs purposeful and mature training in order to prevent it become self -assured and independent. It needs a rewards based training. It would like to obey the commands if propagated through right way. It will obey commands with patience, so it needs a patient, firm, consistent and gentle pack leader. It needs gentle training methods, harsh methods and heavy hands may annoy them.

Gerberian Shepsky Exercise

These German Shepherd Husky mix dogs are energetic and powerful dog as parent breeds are. Being active and energetic dogs, they would like to have active and energetic level of daily exercises accordingly. They need daily enough exercises in order to stay healthy and happy. For their best health and fitness, they should have at least long walk once a day.

Gerberian Shepsky Recognition

The Gerberian Shepsky, Siberian husky and German shepherd hybrid dogs are recognized by “Dog Registry of America Inc” and “American Canine Hybrid Club”.

Interesting Facts about Gerberian Shepsky

Some of the interesting facts about Gerberian Shepsky are:

The Gerberian Shepsky is a cross of two brilliantly intelligent breeds (German Shepherd & Siberian Husky) and most popular for their remarkable qualities and other awesome attributions.

These mix dogs are ideal for those people who are looking for a short term emotional and passionate commitment in a housedog.

The Strength, trainability, obedience and outstanding intelligent make it a right choice for many types of work including police work, search & rescue operations, military role and herding, watch and guard dog as well.

Being active and energetic dog it needs activities, if not exercised properly can become mischievous and destructive. There should be an outlet for the surplus energy.

It would like to obey the commands if propagated through right way. It will obey commands with patience, so it needs a patient, firm, consistent and gentle pack leader.

Gerberian Shepsky Good Names

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