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The Eurasier is a medium-sized, spitz-type dog breed created in Germany, well distinguished by wedge-shaped head, pricked ears and thick double coat. This dog is relatively a new addition in the dog world, developed just 50 years ago. It is the mix of European and Asian breed, originally called a “Wolf Chow” but while recognition by FCI in 1973, it has been named “Eurasier” in this relevance and to symbolize their European and Asian heritage. The Eurasier is a loyal and devoted breed that holds strong bonding with its family. Very playful and entertaining, this dog is not noted for any aggression towards strangers but take a while to get familiar with anyone. It is not the dog that simply loves to all but choosy and selective friendship make them not suited for every family. Being the part of family, they are good with older children and can get along well with other pets; they can be formed as an excellent watchdog but with less noise and low aggression. Its temperament is underdevelopment and need extensive socialization with commitment, consistency and strong leadership. Weak owner are not advised for this breed.

Eurasier History

The Eurasier is developed from a cross between Wolf Spitz, a Nordic-type dog of Germany and the Chow-Chow in 1960s by Julius Wipfel. Some contribution is also recorded by Samoyeds. The resulting puppies were then bred purely to establish the separate breed. With successful development and establishment of this new dog, the breed was recognized by German Kennel Club and FCI. AKC has not yet recognized but has recorded in Foundation Stock Services (FSS). Initially it was called a Wolf Chow, the name after its mother breeds but renamed “Eurasier” in 1973 by FCI in relevance with European and Asian context.

Eurasier Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of Eurasier is established as 12 to 14 years with limited record available.


Eurasier Appearance

The Eurasier is a medium-sized, spitz-type, newly created dog with longer dimension in length than in height. Its build is strong and sturdy with flexible muscles. They are characterized by blue-black tongue as inheritance from Chow-Chow ancestors. Its coat is dense, fluffy with medium to long hairs, available in wolf grey, black, red and tan colors and their different shades. Its overall expression is wolf-like, attractive, keen and graceful.

Eurasier Weight and Height

The Eurasier can stand 18 to 23 inches at shoulders with an average weight of 40 to 60 pounds.

Eurasier Temperament

The Eurasier is an intelligent, independent yet calm and quiet dog. Besides its healthy and energetic appearance, they have low activity level. They are neither too rambunctious nor a curled-lying dog, they need less activities for their physical exercises. Eager to learn new things but quite challenging in socialization training, they can be controlled and trained by an experienced and skilled owner. Their non-boisterous trait is ideal for family life but they do not suit to all types of families. They stay aloof of strangers; hold low aggression to unknown peoples yet able to warn the owner for any unauthorized entry in the territory. Generally they are not the dogs who love everyone; they take some time to accept new peoples. Early age socialization is mandatory to retain mutual harmony and tranquility among the pets. They are believed to get along well with children and other pets including dogs if raised together.


Eurasier with children and other pets

The Eurasiers are known to be good with family kids. They need early socialization preferably from their puppyhood. The children with older age are excellent with them but young kids should be supervised. Besides healthy efforts in domestication of the dog, teach your children the right ways of dog handling too. Some dogs are very possessive to their belongings, tell your kids not to close the dog when eating, do not try to snatch their toys and other items. They would get along well with other pets including dogs and cats if all to these pets are raised together. According to FCI, the Eurasier do not hold any hunting instinct but some fanciers state quite opposite.

Eurasier Care and Grooming

The Eurasier has a fluffy coat with a lot of medium to long hairs. This dog is a heavy but seasonal shedder, usually it sheds twice a year and will fill your house with hairs all around. Maintenance of its coat is easy by simply brushing to remove dead hairs twice a week during non-shedding season and daily during shedding season. You may have to spend more time to vacuum clean your house than brushing this dog. Occasional nail trimming, ear and dental cleaning would also be required. They are livable in a house with family quite efficiently, yet a compromise on cleanliness of the house due to its heavy shedding.

Eurasier Health Issues

This breed is considered very healthy with fewer health issues reported yet. Major concerns to this breed are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and Patella Luxation. Eyes and thyroid problems are also countered. Careful breeding would result low probabilities of such issues. It is better to consult periodically with veterinary experts.


Eurasier Training

The dog is intelligent, willing to learn and easy to train but with confidence, consistency and patience. They respond best to gentle and reward based training with positive reinforcement. Keep their training sessions interactive, smart and short, augmented by praise, affection and food packages. This breed is non-responsive to harsh training methodology and repetitive activities. Owner should exercise full authority as a skilled pack leader, keep them in natural pack order in which dog is always below to human beings. Once the dog is aware of its position in the pack and has recognized the owner as a pack leader, it would be submissive, cooperative and responsive to a remarkable degree.

Eurasier Exercise

The Eurasier is a low activity dog, they usually stay calm and quiet indoors, their exercise requirement is not much demanding. They are not rambunctious and restless yet plan some light physical activities for them to build interactive mind and flexible physical strength. They can be afforded in apartment and condo life without hesitation. Make them habitual to walk daily to stimulate their physical organs.

Eurasier Recognition


Eurasier Litter Size

Its litter size is 4 to 8 puppies.

Eurasier Group

Non-sporting, Companion Dog, Utility dog, Northern breed

Eurasier Good Names

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