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Dutch Smoushond

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Dutch Smoushond


This is a small companion dog breed native to Netherlands. As a result of World War II, this breed was about to extinct but lucky to survive. The initial application of Dutch Smoushond was a versatile working and vermin hunting dog especially farm ratter, however these dogs are adapted exclusively as companion house pet now a days. This breed is also known with other names like Dutch Ratter, Dutch Terrier and Hollandse Smoushond. Terrier-like, this breed is extremely vocal with extensive barking. The dog is easy to train, easy to care, obedient, sociable, friendly, playful, docile and charming companion. They tend to be aloof of strangers, stay quiet with unfamiliar peoples yet sensitive, alert with good sense of humor. They are extremely well with those who care for them, being skillful, intelligent and well domesticated pet, this breed is gaining popularity and adaptability. Its independent, watchful, curious yet sober and protective nature worked to form it as a valued watchdog too. They need early socialization, barking intensity is to be controlled by introducing commands. Do not let them to become yappy. The breed is excellent with children, other dogs and family cats, more harmonious if raised together from early age, owner must exercise authority of alpha dog with demonstrating true leadership and enforcement of natural pack order.

Dutch Smoushond History

The breed is believed to have relations with German Schnauzers; however its exact origin is not clear. With name of gentleman’s companion, the Dutch Smoushond was at the height of popularity during 1800s. Alike almost all breeds of dog, this too suffered extinction during World War II but lucky to survive with extensive breed protection programs. There are two opinions about their survival, some claim that the breed was totally vanished and was recreated by Mrs. H. M Barkman in 1970, while other opined that some numbers were able to survive and the current breed is descended from that line. Today, breed stands pure in type and its temperament, a sharp hunter of rats and a true terrier. Although its popularity and numbers are increasing yet hardly known outside the Netherlands. This breed is recognized by FCI and UKC.

Dutch Smoushond Life Expectancy

The Dutch Smoushond breed enjoys an average life span of 12-15 years.


Dutch Smoushond Appearance

The Dutch Smoushond is a small to medium-sized breed of dog, unique-looking and compact with yellow terrier or schnauzer like appearance. Its build is squarely proportioned being equal in length and in height. Sturdy structured but not stocky, their build is average in flesh and bone density. Usually carried upright, its tail is naturally short, skull is domed and ears are triangular yet small and thin mostly hanging down. Eyes of this breed are dark, round and large to augment its lively, attractive and friendly expressions. Its coat is quite short, dense and wooly all over the legs, wiry on the head whereas tail is bushy without fringe. Its gait is effortless, easygoing yet watchful with good reach and drive.

Dutch Smoushond Weight and Height

Most of the Dutch Smoushonds stand 14 to 17 inches in height with an average weight between 20 to 24 pounds. Males and females hold almost equal characteristics and do not have considerable difference.

Dutch Smoushond Temperament

This breed thrives when among its family while stay aloof of strangers. They are seldom seen aggressive. The breed tend to be defensive, shy or timid in puppyhood, such issues need early addressing. With effective socialization this dog can be formed as peerless watchdog due to its high sensitivity to odd smells, sounds and other movements. The breed would be less effective guard due to low aggression level. Apart from all, this breed is very loyal that enjoys strong bonding. Such affection and gentle trait towards family and children makes them prone to suffer separation anxiety when left alone. Willing to please and playful, its terrier-like attitude is much praised besides cooperation with other pets. They get along well with other dogs and house cats if grown together. The dog is intelligent, obedient and well responsive. They are best controlled by a strong owner with perfect leadership skills.


Dutch Smoushond with children and other pets

The Dutch Smoushond dogs are very good with children however, young toddlers should be supervised as they may tease the dog with their rowdy and rough play and the dog would get snappish in a result. While socializing, teach your children the right ways of dog handling, tell them not to close the dog when eating, do not try to snatch their belongings including toys, utensils etc. The breed is best kept with other pets including dogs and cats if all of them are raised together. Early age introduction with new peoples, pets and places are necessary to domesticate the dog.

Dutch Smoushond Care and Grooming

The breed needs healthy amount of efforts to be kept well groomed. Adequate amount of coat care is mandatory although frequently brushing of its coat is enough. In order to maintain its shaggy look, they need to be combed with long teethed comb. Their coat must be inspected for any tangles or mats. Hand plucking of its coat is also recommended for better growth, its procedure is relatively easy yet professional groomers can be hired. The breed is judged as below average shedder.

Dutch Smoushond Health Issues

The Dutch Smoushond breed has a small gene pool, thus lesser is know about their health issues. Whatever is reported, the average is at very low rate. Commonly skeletal and visual problems are reported to this breed. They are currently bred very carefully to avoid any possibility of genetic disease.


Dutch Smoushond Training

This breed is actually willing to learn contrary to most of the terrier dogs. although relatively easy to train yet needs a strong handler with perfect leadership skills. A highly demonstrative, committed, consistent and patient master can bring good norms and favorable temperament in them. This breed is excellent in obedience training, attracted by interactive toys and reward based training, they are very quick learner. This dog is not dominating but may try to dominate if human is not exercising alpha dog authorities. They do not respond harsh training methods at all.

Dutch Smoushond Exercise

The Dutch Smoushond is a compact yet energetic breed of dog that demands healthy amount of exercise daily. At least 45 minutes of physical and mental challenging exercises are mandatory, it can include long walks, jogs, running and play sessions. If not exercised well, they may get too rambunctious, restless and destructive in the house with excessive barking, chewing and digging. A tired dog is always a better choice for a family having young toddlers.

Dutch Smoushond Recognition


Dutch Smoushond Litter Size

Average litter size is 2-5 Puppies

Dutch Smoushond Group

Terrier Group

Dutch Smoushond Good Names

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