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Dutch Shepherd

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Dutch Shepherd Dog


The Dutch Shepherd is a medium-sized, highly intelligent and independent breed of dog. Guardian of the herd, this dog is a trustworthy, reliable and responsible companion of the pack. Being very active and sporty type, they are excellent with farmers and ranchers to support their large livestock. The build seems adequate to deter and ward off any predator while light in weight enough to be carried on shoulders when necessary. This hardy breed has waterproof coat to protect from weather and other environmental elements. This true working dog helped the farmers in earning livelihood while continuously protecting and herding its charge. This breed is exemplary loyal, companionable, sociable, affectionate and caring towards its family. They crave for human interaction; it is simply true for them that they would suffer separation anxiety if kept in isolation for a long time. They are curious to strangers, protective, alert and active besides playful companion of children. The breed is easy to train, eager to please, willing, submissive and easygoing. This perfect watchdog needs experienced owner for socialization.

Dutch Shepherd Dog History

This versatile working dog was developed in 19th century and had been working as a herding dog, farm dog, security guard dog, police dog and property guard for many years. The breed is much popular in its native country Holland, it bears similarity with Belgian Shepherd, the dog from same gene pool. German Shepherd is also from same line. Alike all other counterparts, this breed too is a jack of all trades. The breed is much appreciated and being utilized still as farm guard, herding, guarding of flock, cart-puller, police assistant and passionate companion of family. Although its talents are highly demanded, yet found very rare, very less in known outside its country of origin. They have different varieties with respect to their coat size, shape and textures which were defined when the dog put to shows quite 100 years ago.


Dutch Shepherd Dog Life Expectancy

The Dutch Shepherd dog has an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Appearance

Dutch Shepherd is a smart, compact, well muscled, balanced breed of the dog. They are slightly longer in length than in height and are divided in three different categories with respect to their coat, the small coated, long coated and wire-haired varieties. Its color could be solid blue, brindle with varying shades of textures of grey, gold, silver and red. Their head is flat-topped, long muzzles, black nose and triangular erected ears. Sharp, quick and effortless gait is supported by quick maneuverability and rapid actions when on mission. The breed holds an alert, intelligent and keen expression due to its dark brown eyes. Their tail is carried low but slightly curved. The overall projection is beautiful and balanced.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Weight and Height

The female Dutch Shepherd dog can stand 21 to 24 inches high while male will typically reach 25 inches in maximum. Average weight for both male and female dog ranges between 50 to 70 pounds.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Temperament

The Dutch Shepherd is very favorable, energetic and loving breed. They are reputed companions of the family and will be very happy to spend time or playing with the family. The Dutch Shepherd gets along well with children as it knows its status in the pack that is below the human beings. This breed greets family friends and tends to make friendship with them but stays curious rather inquisitive to strangers. The Dutch Shepherd makes a tremendous guard dog to protect against intruders either human or wild predator. The Dutch Shepherd gets along very well with other dogs as well as other non-canine pets but would be more harmonious if all of them are raised together. The Dutch Shepherd is an independent, intelligent, happy and affectionate breed. The Dutch Shepherd stays possessive to its territory and will not allow any unauthorized entry in it. The Dutch Shepherd is also considered remarkable in show activities such as catch, agility, field trailing, obedience competition and companionship.

Dutch Shepherd Dog with children and other pets

This breed is best kept in farmhouses, rural areas with active applications. They are known to be the best with children of old ages. They must be supervised when interacting with young kids. They would be rambunctious if kept unsatisfied by their physical exertion, the element to be cared about in family life. While socializing the dog, teach the right ways of handling the dog to your children too. Tell them not to close when the dog is eating, do not try to snatch its toys or other belongings. This again is, an element of great concern when adapting the dog in a family with young kids. They are affordable with other pets, usually they consider other animals at home as the part of their herd. They are found harmonious with other dogs and cats that are placed in the house as pet, however the best option is to bring up all pets together from their very early age.


Dutch Shepherd Dog Care and Grooming

Grooming of Dutch Shepherd is fairly easy for all coat types. Attention is to be given to wiry-coated variety; these dogs should be combed rather brushed. For rest of the varieties, the brushing is required on daily bases but the procedure is simple and easy. Always inspect the coat for any mats and tangles. Dead hairs of short and long coated-varieties can be easily removed during brushing but the wiry coat demand expert plucking, this may demand professional groomers. The waterproof quality is based on its natural oily skin; bathing excessively would cause the loss of this protection. Bathing is allowed when extremely necessary, additionally, apply moisturizers after bath.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Health Issues

Generally this breed is healthy with no serious physical or mental hereditary disease. Being limited gene pool, the medical history of this breed is not much fuller. Some cases have been reported with hip and elbow dysplasia yet these instances are quite low with 9% of former and 2.5 % of later.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Training

This breed intelligent, independent, self-confident and protective, all such characters supports its trainability but would require strong and experienced handler. This breed is needed to be handled with extreme patience, consistency, commitment and with confident. Always provide interactive learning with rewards on their positive achievements. Remember harsh methods of training are never appreciated rather it would bring deficiency in attitudes and characters. Once the dog is aware of its status in the pack and recognizes the owner as alpha dog among the pack, it would be well responsive and submissive. The dog is easy to house train, easy to socialize and easy to keep. Most of its applications like herding guarding and general working, the dog is said to be naturally trained, however for show fields, the breed’s training would be on special lines. There would be a considerable difference of training for a dog being adapted to be applied with police.


Dutch Shepherd Dog Exercise

They crave for business. Keep them applied on job all the time with physical and mental challenges to stimulate their capabilities. The breed itself thrives when on any job to do, otherwise will be feeling bored. They are athletic type dog with sports spirit; they can be accompanied while running, jogging, walking and hiking besides vigorous play sessions. Remember an unsatisfied dog would be too rambunctious indoors and would get destructive with excessive barking, digging and chewing. This breed when adapted as family pet should be kept well exercised. They can afford apartment life as long as their exercise requirements are met; otherwise large-fenced yards are ideal for them.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Recognition


Dutch Shepherd Dog Litter Size

This breed has relatively large litter size, it consists 8-10 puppies in average.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Group

Herding and working dog group

Dutch Shepherd Dog Good Names

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