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Drever Dog


The Drever is a scenthound breed of dog developed in Sweden during early 20th century. It is the most popular deer hunting dog of Sweden that is believed to be descended from Westphalian Dachsbracke and other German breeds. Although well praised and adapted in native country still very rare in rest of the world. The dog is excellent in sensitivity of scent detection. This is a keen, affectionate and loyal breed. With long body, short legs and low at ground posture, it holds high flexibility, penetration through dense forestry and terrain adaptability. They are furious chaser bred to catch and kill other small creatures. Natural hunter, this breed does not need any training for its hunting job but would be moderately tough in selective training or housebreak. Experienced owner would be able to control this breed. Harsh methods are not appreciated. They must be kept in secured-fenced yard or otherwise leashed.

Drever History

The Drever is a scenthound breed of dog developed in Sweden during early 20th century. Because it is recently developed, thus its history record is much fuller. It is the most popular deer hunting dog of Sweden with exceptional nose sensitivity. The Drever dog is descended from small size German Hound dogs, the Westphalian Dachsbracke, these were brought to Sweden during 1910. After various crosses, the dog improved in size and strength compatible with terrain of Sweden. The name of this breed is derived from a word “Drev”, referring to a type of a hunt in which the prey is made to move towards hunter. This breed is not yet recognized by AKC however recognized by CKC, UKC and other local registries. Swedish Kennel Club fully recognized this breed in 1949.


Drever Life Expectancy

This breed has an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years.

Drever Appearance

The Drever breed of dog is medium in size, short legged and rectangular in shape being longer in length than in height. Its head is relatively large with flat top and long muzzle. Its black nose is wide with open nostrils, eyes are dark brown and ears are moderate in length. Its neck is powerful, shoulders are well muscled, back is straight and chest is oval yet well developed. Its tail is widely based, long, set low but curved. Its coat is close to body, fitted very tight, outer coat is harsh and straight, usually acceptable in many colors, the only demand is to have some white marking on body which usually found on feet, chest, neck and face. Although not immediately apparent due to their coat, the dogs actually are very well muscled and athletic breed. The overall expression of this breed is emotional, thoughtful yet keen, kind and gentle.

Drever Weight and Height

The Drever dog can stand 13 to 15 inches in height with an average weight of 30 to 35 pounds.

Drever Temperament

The Temperament of this dog is much similar to other scenthounds. They are not generally kept as domestic pet but a true hunter yet possesses right value of socialized norms to be kept as house pet. They are known be to very affectionate with their family, most of the members from this breed are described as the sweet pet. They become quite friendly and outgoing if socialized very well. This breed is not known for any human aggression in its development history. Being aloof of strangers, they are not suitable for watchdog applications however some can use them as a low level watchdog. The breed is very good with children of all ages; they show great affection, fondness and care towards them. They were bred to work in the form of packs, they can afford other canine pets quite happily but no low tolerance for non-canine pets.


Drever with children and other pets

The Drever Dog was bred to work in the form of pack, thus can easily afford other dogs. This breed is easily adaptable in a house having other canine, however holds very low tolerance for non-canine animals due to strong prey drive. With much demanding and committed socialization training they can be kept with domestic cats. They are not recommended for homes with small furry animals. The breed is excellent with children of all ages. Because of non-aggressive trait to human beings, they suit to every.

Drever Care and Grooming

This breed requires low maintenance efforts in terms of grooming. Only a regular but thorough brushing is what this dog needs. The dog is heavy shedder, your carpets, furniture even cloths would be covered with hairs; you may have to spend more time to vacuum clean your house than brushing the dog. Expert groomer is not required at all. Its drooping ears may get dirt inside, inspect periodically and clean their ears.

Drever Health Issues

Being limited gene pool and lack of health studies nothing adverse is reported. Most of the fanciers stated that the dog is generally healthy. However, skeletal and visual problems are rarely reported. While adapting its puppy, it is advised to request the breeders to show OFA and CERF documentation for being authority to prove disease free litter and both of the parents.

Drever Training

The Drever is an exclusively hunter companion dog with supreme scent tracking ability. This character of this breed is natural rather trained. They dog is naturally trained to attack and hunt its quarry either singly or in the form of packs. This trait also forms them non-aggressive to humans and other canine. Non-canine animals are always its primary prey and should be chased and killed except the domesticated. To live with non-canine pets at home, this breed needs very careful, intense and consistent socialization. Being intelligent, independent and self-sufficient they are stubborn, tenaciously unwilling to obey and non-cooperative. This poses serious training difficulties. Further challenge is creating when this scenthount detects scent of prey to chase and hunt, at the stage the dog would ignore all commands of its master. Apart from all difficulties, the breed is trainable by a strong, well experienced, committed, consistent and patient master. The owner should exercise true leadership and should control all the pack as an alpha dog. Place them in right and natural order of the pack, in which the dogs are always below the human beings. Avoid hard and harsh training methodologies as a general rule.


Drever Exercise

This furious chaser, hunter, trailing and tracking dog holds high stamina, strength and energy. Its energy is to be treated to keep them satisfied by their physical and mental exercises. If the dog is applied for field and hunting jobs, its exercise requirements are automatically met, whereas it would need extensive amount of physical exercises daily when adapted as a domestic pet. Being good partner in running, walking and jogging, this breed can also be included in vigorous playful activities planned in the yard. Remember an unsatisfied dog would be too boisterous, restless and may tend to destructive. Overly active dogs are always a constant threat to young kids at home.

Drever Recognition


Drever Litter Size

Its average litter size is 3-6 Puppies.

Drever Group

Hounds dog, Scenthound

Drever Good Names

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