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Chien Francais Blanc et Noir

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Chien Francais Blanc et Noir

The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir is a large purebred from France bred to hunt with in a pack so it has a good voice and a good nose. Its ancestors include two breeds that are now extinct, the Gauscones and the Siantonge. Other names it is known by are the French White and Black Hound, the White and Black French Hound or the Francais Blanc et Noir. It is a determined hunter but is also a great companion dog being very social and friendly which is not usual for pack hunting dog breeds. It has a life span of 10 to 15 years.

The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir at A Glance
Name Chien Francais Blanc et Noir
Other names French White and Black Hound, White and Black French Hound, Francais Blanc et Noir
Nicknames Blanc et Noir
Origin France
Average size Large
Average weight 60 to 70 pounds
Average height 24 to 28 inches
Life span 10 to 15 years
Coat type Short, dense, weather resistant
Hypoallergenic No
Color Black and white, speckled
Popularity Not yet a fully registered member of the AKC
Intelligence High – very smart dog
Tolerance to heat Good to very good
Tolerance to cold Good to very good
Shedding Average to heavy – there will be hair around the home, possibly a lot of it!
Drooling Average – some slobber but not especially prone to it
Obesity Average – measure its food and make sure it gets enough exercise
Grooming/brushing Average – brush twice a week
Barking Frequent – will need training to control, it also likes to loudly bay
Exercise needs High – very active breed and needs active owners
Trainability Somewhere between moderately hard to moderately easy!
Friendliness Very good to excellent – social dog, unusually so for a pack hunter
Good first dog Very good
Good family pet Very good to excellent with socialization
Good with children Very good to excellent with socialization
Good with other dogs Excellent with socialization – used to working in a pack
Good with other pets Moderate to good – needs socialization can see small animals even pets as prey to hunt
Good with strangers Very good – a very friendly dog even without socialization
Good apartment dog Moderate – best in a home with a yard
Handles alone time well Low to moderate – does not like being left alone
Health issues Quite healthy but some issues include Hip/elbow dysplasia, eye problems, ear problems and mange
Medical expenses $485 a year for basic health care and pet insurance
Food expenses $270 a year for a good quality dry dog food and dog treats
Miscellaneous expenses $240 a year for toys, basic training, miscellaneous items and license
Average annual expenses $995 a year as a starting figure
Cost to purchase $700
Rescue organizations None breed specific, check local rescues and shelters
Biting Statistics None reported

The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir's Beginnings

The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir dates back to ancestors that became extinct during the French Revolution, the Saintonge, and then a dog bred by Count Joseph de Carayon-Latour in the mid 1800s the Gascon-saintongeois. The latter were then crossbred with Poitevin in the late 1800s and this led to the Chien français blanc et noir. In packs they would hunt various prey but especially deer under the direction of a human hunter. There were three types of Chiens Francais developed and precise origins of all of them is not known because records of breeding were not kept by breeders for a long time. The other two are called the Chien Francais Tricolore and the Chien Francais Blanc et Orange.

For the most part when despite the popularity of dog shows at the same time the Blanc et Noir was bred it was mostly still kept as a hunting dog. Fanciers of the breed were not that interested in registering them with kennel clubs or showing them. Because of that they were not really recognized internationally for decades. Then two world wars and the great depression devastated dog breeding especially in France which was hit hard. French hounds were abandoned by breeders and owners when they could not afford to feed or care for them. Also a lot of dogs were killed by military action. Several breeds that had managed to survive extinction through the French revolution now completely disappeared. The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir survived but at vastly reduced numbers.

New Lease on Life

In the late 1950s it was recognized by the FCI and it also has recognition from the CKC, this meant for the first time the rest of the world became aware of them. Out of the several French scenthounds the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir is sometimes referred to as the Newest or Youngest French Hound. It is a rare dog though it does have a better population than the other two Chien Francais with between 200 to 400 puppies being registered annually. The long term outlook of these dogs is not as positive though because they are primarily kept by hunters and while pack hunting is popular still in France, it is not in general in Europe, with some countries even banning it. There are hardly any dogs outside of France and while the UKC has recognized it the AKC has not.

The Dog You See Today

The Blanc et Noir is a large dog weighing 60 to 70 pounds and standing 24 to 28 inches tall. It is a typical looking hound breed with a muscular body that is long and lean and long legs. The females are a little smaller than the males. It has flews that are somewhat squared and hang over the lower lips. Its head is slightly domed and it has long ears that hang down. Its coat is thick, flat, short and harsh and common colors are black and white with some ticking or speckling of black and blue. Small spots of a pale tan can happen over the eyes, on the cheeks, the tail, and on the legs. The tan markings though are not encouraged in show dog, though of course does not affect the dog's hunting ability or companionship.


The Inner Chien Francais Blanc et Noir


The Chien Francais Blanc et Noir when on the hunt is a devoted and determined dog but it is easier to handle and manage than many hounds. It tends to be quite gentle and polite and is certainly intelligent and loyal too. As well as being a good hunter it can also be a good companion or family dog. It can be exuberant and is active so would need active owners, but its obedient and submissive nature means it is fine for older active owners and for new owners. Occasionally you can get some Blanc et Noir that are shy and that is part of why it is important to socialize them well.

It is a versatile dog and it is hard working. It is happy and upbeat, affectionate and playful. It is alert and will bark to give warning about something or about an intruder. However it is not protective and is not a good guard dog. Also its barking and baying can be loud and frequent and will need to be controlled. It is social and friendly and tends to greet strangers happily. As it is used to being a pack dog it does not do well being left completely alone for long periods, it needs you around, or at least other dogs to give it companionship.

Living with a Chien Francais Blanc et Noir

What will training look like?

It is important to give any dog at least basic obedience training and of course good socialization that you start as early as possible. Use positive training methods to establish trust between you, encourage it, use treats, reward it. It is intelligent and eager to please so can learn quickly with the right attitude and approach but it can also be very stubborn and that can slow things down. Be firm and consistent and be patient and calm. Avoid scolding or physically punishing it, it needs gentle handling. Socialization will involve introducing it to different people, sounds, places, situations and animals so it learns how to react. Training should include a command to control its barking.

How active is the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir?

Being a working dog this is an active breed and needs owners who can be active with it. It has a lot of energy and needs lots of physical exercise as well as mental stimulation to be happy. Take it for a couple of long walks a day, it can also happily join you for a jog. It is not best suited to apartment living as it needs a home with a yard and it will be happier in rural or at least suburban settings rather than urban. It is agile and hardworking and should be given something to do if it is not kept to hunt with. Expect to give it at least 45 to 60 minutes a day of good vigorous exercise and play. Without enough exercise and stimulation it can become loud, hyperactive, destructive and hard to live with. When it gets what it needs though indoors it tends to be more relaxed and laid back.

Caring for the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir

Grooming needs

The coat of this dog will be fairly easy to brush, and it should be done twice a week. It sheds an average to heavy amount so be prepared to clean your home daily as there will hair in it, and you may want to put in some extra time by brushing daily to help control the loose hair. Only give it a bath when it needs one so you do not dry out the natural oils it needs. For the same reason only use a proper dog shampoo to clean it when it is bath time.


Once a week you need to check its ears for infection signs like a bad odor, discharge, redness and such. If they are clear give them a clean using a dog ear cleanser and wiping areas you can reach. Do not insert anything into the ear at all it can cause real permanent damage and hurt the dog. Its teeth should be brushed at least two to three times a week with a dog toothpaste and toothbrush. Then its nails should be clipped if they get too long. Take care not to cut too far down the nail as running about halfway up are blood vessels and nerves in the nails and nicking there would hurt the dog and cause bleeding.

Feeding Time

As well as making sure it has access to fresh water the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir will eat about 3 to 4½ cups of a good to excellent quality dry dog food a day, split into at least two meals to avoid issues with bloat.

How is the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir with children and other animals?

With children the Blanc et Noir is a great playmate and its patient nature makes it good at dealing with them. It is affectionate too with them and children should be shown and taught how to interact in a kind and appropriate way. Being a pack dog with socialization it gets along well with other dogs and would actually prefer to have other dogs for company at times when you are not home. Socialization and being raised with other pets can help it get along with other animals but being a hunter it will want to chase small strange animals, and may still need supervision with non canine pets.

What Might Go Wrong?

Health Concerns

These dogs have a life span of about 10 to 15 years and it seems to be fairly healthy though no long health studies have been done on it, so we cannot know for sure. Some issues that it can face though include joint dysplasia, eye problems, ear infections, allergies and mange.

Biting Statistics

When looking at reports of dogs attacking people and doing bodily harm in North America in the last 35 years there is no mention of the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir in any incident, but it is a rare dog in that area. However it is not an aggressive dog towards people or other dogs, just likes to chase small strange animals. All dogs have the potential to be drawn into something that they would usually avoid. No dog is 100% safe all the time. To limit the risks make sure its well socialized and trained, that you supervise it when needed, that it gets the attention and stimulation and exercise that it needs.

Your Pup’s Price Tag

A Chien Francais Blanc et Noir puppy will cost about $700 from a trustworthy and experienced breeder probably a lot more from a top show breeder. They are not established outside of France and some part of Europe perhaps so getting one will involve transportation costs too. Make sure you avoid poor breeders like so called backyard breeder, or bad ones like puppy mill breeders. Another option to consider if you do not actually need to have a purebred is to check out local shelters and rescues. There are many dogs looking for new homes and desperate for love and who have a lot to offer in return. Fees for adoption tend to run from $50 to $400.


There are initial costs to pay out for items your dog needs when it is coming home and for health needs. Items are a crate, carrier, collar and leash, bowls and such for about $200. Health needs includes shots, deworming, spaying or neutering, micro chipping, blood tests, a physical exam and such for $290.

There are then yearly costs of care too. Your dog will need basic health care like flea and tick prevention, shots, check ups and pet insurance and that will cost about $485. Feeding it will cost another $270 which means a good quality dog food and dog treats. Miscellaneous costs like basic training, license, toys and miscellaneous items is another $240 a year. This gives us a grand total starting figure of $995 a year.


Looking for a Blanc et Noir Name? Let select one from our list!

The Blanc et Noir is a great dog, it is so friendly, energetic, happy and a great joy to have around. It will need some company so if you not home a lot consider having it with another dog so they each have a friend to hang out with while you are out. It can get along well with all ages of people including children and it is very loyal. Be prepared though that it is a noisy dog, barking and baying and it may be heavy shedding.

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