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Boston Bull Terrier

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Boston Bull Terrier

She is a mix of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Boston Terrier. She is in the Terrier breed group and is a small to medium sized dog who is multi-talented participating in various activities including competitive obedience, hunting, carting, guarding, weight pulling, tracking, military and police work, tricks and watchdog. She has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Here is the Boston bull terrier at a Glance
Average height 15 - 17 inches
Average weight 10 - 25 pounds
Coat type Fine, short and smooth
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs Low to moderate
Shedding Low to moderate depends on which parent her coat is more like
Brushing Once or twice a week should be sufficient
Touchiness Quite sensitive, take care with the tone you use
Tolerant to Solitude? Low to moderate. Not for too long.
Barking Moderate
Tolerance to Heat Moderate does better in warm rather than hot temperatures
Tolerance to Cold Moderate to good
Good Family Pet? If socialized very good
Good with Children? Excellent
Good with other Dogs? Low to moderate
Good with other Pets? Good if socialized or raised with them
A roamer or Wanderer? Very high chances she will take off if she can
A Good Apartment Dweller? Good to very good as long as she still gets outside each day
Good Pet for new Owner? Low to moderate, needs an owner who has experience ideally
Trainability Very good, she is smart but needs an owner who knows how to talk to her
Exercise Needs Average to fairly high
Tendency to get Fat Moderate
Major Health Concerns None known
Other Health Concerns Allergies, eye problems, hip dysplasia
Life Span 12 -15 years
Average new Puppy Price $750 - $900
Average Annual Medical Expense $500 - $600
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $400 - $550

Where does the Boston Bull Terrier come from?

As a mixed breed also known as a hybrid the Boston Bull Terrier has very little known in terms of specific history on when she was first deliberately bred. In all probability it happened in North America since both parent breeds are American dogs, and it happened in the last 10 to 20 years when mixing dogs became so popular. To get a better feeling for the kind of dog she is it helps to know a little about where the parent dogs come from.


The American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier originally starts back in England where terrier and bull breeds were created for spectator blood sports like pit fighting and bull baiting. However once over here they were used more as farm dogs where they acted as guard dogs, helped hunt and acted as companions. They were bred to be larger than they had been too. The AKC named them American Staffordshire Terriers in the 1930s to try and move away from the history of fighting and now today there are two types with slight differences in looks and character, the American Staffordshire Terriers are for dog shows and the American Pit Bull Terriers are not. In terms of personality they love people and will try to be a lap dog despite their size! They are courageous still but gentle.

The Boston Terrier

In the late 1800s this dog came about though it has not really been discovered exactly what his origins are before that. He was one of the first made in America dogs to be recognized by the AKC. He was very popular in the US being in the top ten popular breeds all the way to the 1960s. He is the official dog of Massachusetts. Today he is a a smart and lively dog with an even temperament. He is very affectionate but can take a bit more work to train because he can be stubborn!


The Boston Bull Terrier is an alert, courageous and dutiful dog who makes a great family dog or companion and is loving and faithful to them. They tend to have a cautious nature and can sometimes be sensitive so it is important to use the right tone with them. She is clever and often gentle in nature and loves to please her owners. They can be willful unless you establish yourself clearly as pack leader and are enthusiastic about everything!

What does a Boston Bull Terrier look like

This is a small to medium dog 15 to 17 inches tall and 10 to 25 pounds in weight. She has a short coat that is fine, textured and smooth to the touch. Colors that are common include brown, salt and pepper, black, gray, brindle, spotted, blue/black, white. Her head is something between being round and squared and is flat on top with ears that pointed upwards. She has a medium sized tail and is muscled and compactly built. Her nose is black and here eyes are wide set.

Training and Exercise Needs

How much activity does she need?

She is a fairly active dog needing regular walks outside along with play time, trips to the dog park and so on. She can live in an apartment without a yard as long as she still gets time outside to burn off some energy. Otherwise you may run into some behavioral issues of destruction or barking and whining. At least one long walk a day is needed plus some play time though you could divide that into two medium length walks, or take her on a jog with you. Make sure you stimulate her mentally too to avoid boredom.

Will she train easily?


She is a smart dog so training should go well as long as two things happen. Firstly you need to establish yourself clearly and firmly as pack leader but without upsetting her sensitive nature using scolding tones. That is why this dog is better suited to someone with experience on dealing with and training dogs. The other things is how stubborn your Boston Bull Terrier might be. Some are not bad at all and are more eager to please so it doesn't affect the training too much. But some do have a more willful side and that will make training a little harder and your place as her pack leader even more important. She will certainly not take longer to train than other dogs anyway. Do make sure that as soon as you get her you start socialization as well as training. This brings out the best in your dog, and means she is more able to accept children, other dogs, pets and situations as they arise.

Living with a Boston Bull Terrier

Grooming needs

She has low to moderate grooming needs. Her coat should be brushed at least once or twice a week to remove loose hairs and keep it looking healthy. This time can also be spent checking her over especially her eyes. Bathing is only needed when she is particularly dirty, just make sure you use a dog shampoo not one for people. Other grooming needs include wiping here ears once a week and clipping her toenail. This may be something you decide to leave to a professional groomer or your vet as dogs have a blood vessel in their nails so you must not cut too low. If you do you cause pain and bleeding and it may make them reluctant to allow you to clip them again.

How is she with kids and other pets?

The Boston Bull Terrier is usually good with children but you should still have her socialized from a young age to make sure she reacts well to them. That will also help her accept other pets so she does not see them as prey! Other dogs she is okay with but again it is training that helps here to overcome any territorial instincts that might rear up.

General information

She makes a good watchdog as she will bark to let you know if an intruder enters the home. She will need ¾ to 1½ cups of good quality dry dog food split into two meals. She will be fine in an apartment and without a yard as long as you still take her out each day. She is good in any climate though not the extremes.

Health Concerns

There are no known major health concerns with the Boston Bull Terrier though this could change so stay up to date on information on them or discuss it with your vet. There are chances of getting health problems from their parents such as eye problems, allergies and hip dysplasia. To improve the chances on having a healthy puppy that grows into a healthy dog buy from a reputable breeder that shows you parents health clearances and clear blood tests in the puppy. This may cost you a little more but it is worth it.

Costs involved in owning a Boston Bull Terrier


Finding a Boston Bull Terrier may be a little harder than some other puppies as they are harder to find. Average price is $750 to $900 though location and demand are just two of the things that can change that. Initial costs such as micro chipping, spaying, blood tests, crate, leash, carrier bag could all total to somewhere between $475 and $600. Yearly costs that include things like vet check ups, vaccinations, health insurance, food, toys, licensing and training could be $800 to $1000.


Looking for a Boston Bull Terrier Puppy Name? Let select one from our list!

The Boston Bull Terrier is a small to medium dog who will make a great companion or family dog. She is talented, has fairly low grooming needs but does need to be taken out every day for some exercise. She tends to have a cautious nature but is dutiful, loyal and affectionate just be sure to have socialization and training started and make sure you know how to establish yourself as her pack leader.

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