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Berger Picard


A medium-sized, active and athletic gregarious dog, the Berger Picard was bred to be a working companion, sky-high performing its job whereas additionally responding well to training. This breed includes a shaggy, wiry overcoat with a brief, dense undercoat to provide a weatherproof coat that's overall rough to the bit. The’ coat of Picards comes in reminder fawn with or while not gray underlay and trims on the ears yet as brindle. Monthly brushing is important to stop matting, with occasional bathing and hand-stripping of the ears to neaten. Additionally called the Picardie Shepherd, the Berger Picard dog breed is believed to be the oldest of the French sheepdogs. His scruffy appearance and spirited intelligence have won him lots of fans over the centuries, and additional recently, they are winning him film roles. The Berger Picard picks up training simply however will have a stubborn streak. This medium-size dog with the prick ears and thick eyebrows includes a spirited, intelligent temperament. They please themselves with their humanlike gaze and goofy grins and stand out as resilient playmates for kids. Due to their intelligence, they respond well to training, though they will often be stubborn. They are sensitive to your tone of voice, thus although you get impatient, try and provide commands cheerfully — it usually works best. Height of Berger Picard is from 21.5 to 25.5 and weight is and weight is 50 - 70 pounds. Life Expectancy of Berger Picard is about 13-14 years.

Berger Picard History

The Berger Picard dates back to the ninth century, once the Celts introduced the breed to northern France. The breed was wont to herd cattle and sheep in France for hundreds of years also on smuggle contraband tobacco across the French/Belgian border. By the 1900s, the Berger Picard was thought to be its own breed, and its initial breed normal was drafted in 1922 followed by breed recognition in France in 1925. Like several other European breeds, the Picard neared extinction after world war II and nowadays.


Berger Picard Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy of Berger Picard is about 13-14 years.

Berger Picard Appearance

A medium in size, the Berger Picard is well-muscled dog, somewhat longer than it’s tall. Its ears are high set, wide at base and erect. Eyebrows of breed are dense but not protect its eyes. The tail is carried high a rather J-curve at the tip, natural and normally reaches to the hock. Stiff coat of the breed is just feels crispy in touch and about 2 to 2.5 inches longer all over its body. The dense and strong hairs are not light and fluffy, for this reason it is not fly around in air. The color of coat is grey, blue-grey, grey-black, red-grey and light or dark fawn. White patches on the feet of breed are acceptable in show ring but it is not favorable.

Berger Picard Weight and Height

Height of Berger Picard is from 21.5 to 25.5 and weight is and weight is 50 - 70 pounds.

Berger Picard Temperament

To make and to prepare a Picard for its future life, it wants a well-balanced owner who will offer the dog support in daily life together with daily pack walks. It’s to be a member of the "pack," to not be fast away during a kennel and to not be isolated from the family. Intelligent, the Picard learns quickly however if the handler isn't displaying a natural authority the dog can become stubborn and should not always wish to find out. Meek or passive owners can most definitely run into behavior problems. It’s a true task to train Picards for any kind of dog-sport. These dogs are terribly sensitive to the voice thus being harsh with them isn't necessary. One must be patient, calm, but firm, assured and consistent. Set the principles clear and sticking to them. It must be well-socialized once it's still young with close contact to friends, children, and even strangers, to provide it the simplest begin doable for an honest and long life in society. If raised with other animals like cats, pet rabbits, and geese, there's sometimes no drawback to keep them along. If well trained, the Picard sometimes won't hunt. Normally it does not even have a powerful looking instinct. Picards that do hunt use sight quite smell. However, some lines do have stronger looking instincts. Some wish to bark and do thus oftentimes unless the humans communicate to the dog that barking obsessively is an unwanted behavior. When it not a correct communication between the human and also the dog the barking will become a problem if you reside surrounded by neighbors. Contact with different animals isn't typically a problem. Energetic, alert, loyal and sweet-tempered with kids, it's a fine sheep and cattle herder and an honest farm guard. Their observant nature makes them nice watchdogs, and with correct socialization and training they will additionally become quiet, good-natured house dogs.


Berger Picard with children and other pets

. Generally, they get along well with cats and other little household animals if raised together. If it well socialized it may tend to be good with kids and other dogs at home. They please themselves with their humanlike gaze and goofy grins and stand out as resilient playmates for kids.

Berger Picard Care and Grooming

Grooming requirements of the breed are least or minimal. Monthly brushing is enough to keep coat mat and tangle free. They shed but at low level and haven’t doggie smell.

Berger Picard Health Issues

It is not a massive dog so hip dysplasia is know but not most common in said breed. Up to one year a puppy may have some eyes issues. It may also have some eyes issue (PRA, RD) genetically inherited from parents.

Berger Picard Training

Contrary to having stubborn streak, the Picards always responds well to positive training and is an even tempered, good-natured, loyal and dedicated warm companion.


Berger Picard Exercise

Berger Picard can do well in an apartment if have adequate exercise. The size of the yard is no matter; matter is how long they are exercised in a day. it has an instinct to stay close to family if you have even a larger yard and give them opportunity to go out and play in yard, It will prefer to live close to you on going out in yard alone. It is calm and quite dog in house that ever wait the time when it go out with you to run, play and sniff around. However, it will require plenty of exercise to stay healthy and fit. It must be taken on a daily long walk. It makes an outstanding jogging companion.

Berger Picard Recognition

The breed is recognized by CKC, FCI, UKC, NKC, APRI, ACR, DRA, NAPR, AKC/FSS.

Berger Picard Group

AKC Herding.

Berger Picard Good Names

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