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American Bulldog Lab Mix

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American Bullador

American Bullador - Protective and Loving

The American Bullador is a medium to large cross breed mixing the American Bulldog with the Labrador Retriever. He has a lifespan of 10 to 16 years and is grouped as a sporting and working hybrid. He is known to be very protective and loving which makes him a great family and watch dog but can have some aggression so needs proper socialization and training from a young age so that this is controlled. Roles he has taken include being a companion dog, retrieving and being a watchdog.

Here is the American Bullador at a Glance
Average height 25 inches
Average weight 55 to 100 pounds
Coat type Dense, short and weather proof
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs Low
Shedding Fairly low
Brushing Low, once a week is enough
Touchiness Not sensitive
Tolerant to Solitude? Moderate
Barking Rare barker
Tolerance to Heat Not good in very high heats, better in just warm climates
Tolerance to Cold Not good in very cold, warm suits better
Good Family Pet? Very good
Good with Children? Very good
Good with other Dogs? Good if socialized
Good with other Pets? Very good if socialized when young
A roamer or Wanderer? Low chances
A Good Apartment Dweller? Moderate - Can adapt to an apartment but needs lots of walks
Good Pet for new Owner? Not really, need someone who can establish themselves as pack leader to curb aggressive tendencies
Trainability Moderate to very good – trainable but takes time and firmness
Exercise Needs Moderate – he is just fairly active
Tendency to get Fat Moderate to high, he likes his couch!
Major Health Concerns If more like a bulldog in his face he can have overheating issues
Other Health Concerns Hip dysplasia, eye problems, skin allergies
Life Span 10 to 16 years
Average new Puppy Price $600-$800
Average Annual Medical Expense $450-$550
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $500 - $600

Where does the American Bullador come from?

The American Bullador was created in the US with the idea being to get the best traits from both parent breeds while also lessening the chance of serious health problems. However breeding can give no guarantees so how much of the Lab or the Bulldog is in the puppy can not be controlled or judged until the puppy is already growing. To understand more about what you may get in a mix of these two breeds have a look at the two parent breeds.


American Bulldog

Bulldogs were originally bred in England to bait bulls as a sport that people enjoyed watching back in the 16th century. The breed was almost lost when bull baiting was banned but was recovered and came to the US in the late 19th century. Today it is a dog known for its devotion and grit. He is a a great family dog who can be gentle and loving and well trusted with children and other pets, and is fearless in the case of house intruders.

Labrador Retriever

The Labs origins come from Canada where he was bred as both a companion and as a worker dog to help fishermen with bringing in nets, and retrieving stray fish. Today he is one of he most popular breeds of dogs known for his loyalty, his great working abilities, energy and intelligence. He is an excellent family dog, great with children and eager to please.


American Bulladors are known for being courageous, very protective and loyal loving dogs. They do have an aggressiveness that needs to be controlled with a firm owner, training from a young age and socialization. But when that foundation is on place there is nothing to fear from them. They are friendly and gentle and love to play too. Indoors he is a very calm dog, loving to snuggle on the couch. Outside he will be more active. He is affectionate to his family but can be territorial about them too.

When am American Bullador leans more towards his bulldog parent he is harder to train, more determined and confident but still friendly and good with children. He is more likely to be aggressive with strangers and other dogs. When he leans more towards his lab side he is faithful, affectionate, attention seeking and eager to please. He has more energy and is a bit easier to train.

What does an American Bullador look like

The American Bullador can look more like a bulldog or more like lab. Usually he grows to a height of no more than 25 inches and can weigh between 55 and 100lbs with a muscular body and a heavy build. His coat is dense, weather proof with short stiff hairs and colors range from black, chocolate, red brown, yellow, tan, brindle, or other brown shades. His head is square shaped with eyes that are almond shaped and a muzzle that is fairly long. He has droopy ears and a long tail that he carries low and is curved.

Training and Exercise Needs

How much exercise does he require?

While he is playful and needs regular exercise he is not exactly a high energy dog unless he particularly leans towards his lab heritage. Take him to a dog park and go for a couple of medium walks a day or take one long one. If possible access to a fenced in yard would be a bonus. It is important that he gets regular exercise not just for physical health and mental stimulation but also to avoid destructive behavior from him being bored.

Will he be easy to train?


While he is not the easiest dog to train he is certainly not the hardest. If he leans more towards the Lab side of him he will be easier because they are so eager to please. The American Bullador is quite intelligent it is just that in some cases there may be times when you see his stubborn side. However training is very important as is early socialization so that you curb his aggression when he gets protective and so that you have commands you can issue that you know he will respond to. Inexperienced owners are not a good idea as you may struggle to establish yourself as pack leader. Stay in command, be firm but positive and reward him for good behavior. Be consistent too and avoid using negative methods.

Living with an American Bullador

How much grooming does he need?

He does not shed a lot, but there is some minimal shedding. He is certainly a great choice if you want a dog with little shedding and little grooming needs. Brush him once a week to get rid of loose hairs and give his coat a nice shine. Bathing is really only needed when he gets himself particularly muddy or smelly!

Other grooming needs include cleaning his ears weekly with a damp cloth so that you can remove debris. This helps prevent ear infections. Teeth also need cleaning, every other day is fine and if you start a routine that takes care all of his grooming needs from the time he is a puppy he will let you do it without any fighting or fuss as an adult. His nails will also need trimming, if you can hear him clicking they are too long! Take care here though as a blood vessel runs through his nails so do not cut down too far. Or leave that for a professional groomer.

Is he good with children and other pets?

He is very good with children and other animals but socialization and training is a large part of that. He is affectionate to them and is even fine with smaller children but with his large size it is better to still supervise them as he might knock them over by accident. Usually he gets on fine with other dogs too though sometimes a strange dog or person might trigger his defensiveness and therefore his aggression.

Other information about living with an American Bullador

He makes a good watchdog as if he sense an intruder he will certainly alert by barking and then do whatever he has to protect you and the family. Otherwise he is not much of a barker. Indoors he is calm so if you live in an apartment he could adapt as long as you take him out for exercise every day. He does not do well living in extreme temperatures neither very cold nor very hot. He will need 4 to 5 cups of high quality dry dog food a day divided into two meals.

Health Concerns

Generally known as a healthy hybrid but may have the potential to inheriting health issues either parents are prone to such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, skin allergies and those who have a face more like a bulldogs are more prone to overheating.

Costs involved in owning an American Bullador


These dogs are easy to find and can be found for something like $600-$800. Your dog will need a crate, deworming, vaccinations, neutering, a collar and leash and food bowls to start out with. This will cost around $450-$500. Each year there will be other cost to prepare for when owning this dog. Recurring medical costs for check ups, flea treatments and so on, food, treats, toys, a license, health insurance or emergency medical savings, training and other miscellaneous costs. This will start at $1000 and possibly be more if you need to use a groomer, a dog sitter, a dog kennel and so on.


Looking for a American Bullador Puppy Name? Let select one from our list!

This is a lovely dog that is much misunderstood because of the potential for aggression. The fact is he does need an owner who knows how to properly deal with him but with socialization and training he makes a wonderful, protective and loving family dog.

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