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The Afaird is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Briard and an Afghan Hound. They are strong willed dogs which means they need an owner with a strong will of his own, but they can also be very affectionate, sweet and playful. Large in size he is best suited to living where he has a yard to move around in with active owners who are happy to give him all the exercise he needs.

Here is the Afaird at a Glance
Average height 27 inches
Average weight 60 - 70lbs
Coat type Wiry, best kept short
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs High
Shedding Seasonal
Brushing High
Touchiness Calm but Sensitive
Tolerant to Solitude? Preferably not for long periods
Barking Moderate
Tolerance to Heat Some
Tolerance to Cold Some can handle most climates
Good Family Pet? Yes
Good with Children? If Older
Good with other Dogs? Mostly if socialized
Good with other Pets? Average
A roamer or Wanderer? Yes
A Good Apartment Dweller? No, too big and energetic
Good Pet for new Owner? No
Trainability More difficult
Exercise Needs High
Tendency to get Fat Not generally
Major Health Concerns None
Other Health Concerns Hip Dysplasia
Life Span 10-12 years
Average new Puppy Price $1000
Average Annual Medical Expense $400-$500
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $300-$500

Where does the Afaird come from?

An Afaird has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years and is a mix breed of the Briard and the Afghan Hound. It was an experimental breed as many hybrids are and the intent behind this one was to breed a dog that has the intelligence, protective instinct and playfulness of the Briard with the looks of including the amazing bone structure and coat of the Afghan Hound. Success was limited however and crosses vary widely and so this hybrid despite recent attention is not recognized by any associations around the world. Breeders are still trying to stabilize the breed and so until that happens the lack of recognition will remain.

The Briard is a great family dog that originates in France and can be found all the way back to the 8th century! He is brave, intelligent and loyal but also sometimes stubborn and needs to be socialized early to avoid him expressing aggression to strangers or other animals he does not know. He is a herding dog but his nature also makes him good as a watch dog.

The Afghan Hound was originally bred as a hunting dog in the mountains of Afghanistan where he was originally called Tazi. He is courageous and has a very independent nature. As puppies they are affectionate but as they mature they decide when they want to be petted not you! He can be a bit sensitive too so need a gentle hand but have a mischievous side to them.


The Afaird can be a sweet and affectionate dog but can also be sensitive and stubborn. He can be good as a companion or as a hunter, a racing dog or a watch dog. They have a very calm nature when inside the home but are fast and energetic outside. He is intelligent but willful which means he is not the most obedient of dogs! It also means that training can be tricky. They are cautious around strangers and have a vigilant and protective nature which is why they make good watch dogs.

Their energy and independence mean they need to stay stimulated both physically and mentally otherwise they become easily bored and this can lead to them being destructive and aggressive. They are good at being part of a family but need to feel needed. They do better with older children rather than younger, but with socialization from a young age can tolerate them as well as other pets if they have been raised with them.

What does an Afaird Look Like


Appearance really depends on which way he leans with his lineage. Usually his coat is smoother than a Briard's and shorter than an Afghan Hound's and is better when kept short. Breeders are hoping to get that Afghan look but usually he looks more like a sheep dog. He averages at a height of 27 inches and weighs 60 -70lbs. Colors are usually a combination of white, gray and black and he has flappy ears.

Training and Exercise Needs

The Afaird are very energetic and need a lot of exercise and play to keep them happy and healthy. Exercise should include mental stimulation as well as physical otherwise he can get himself into trouble with destructive behavior if left with too much energy or not enough for his mind to work on. As well as taking him for regular walks at least twice a day include other activities like jogging, playing in a dog park, tugs of war and so on. They need a large space of their own that they can play in too when they are not off doing something with you so a yard is needed.

When it comes to training an owner needs to be firm, positive and consistent with an Afaird because even though they are intelligent they are independent and willful and yes stubborn! This means they are better with dog owners who have experience with training already and know how to keep a firm but gentle hand. Even with good training they may still have the occasional bouts of rebelliousness.

Socialization and training should start as soon as you get him as a puppy. These are good ways of keeping him mentally stimulated too. If you find it harder to train on your own consider using a training school who will give you techniques to help. Just remember to keep it positive, avoid getting frustrated, stay relaxed and be very firm and confident so that you establish yourself as pack leader.

Living with an Afaird

Grooming is going to take a lot of work for this dog as he will need to be brushed at least twice a week for an hour each time. Shedding does occur bit it is seasonal. He will need a bath when dirty or at least every couple of months and make sure you also keep his ears clean with a damp cloth.

Living with an Afaird depends on whether he has been socialized and sufficiently trained. A lack of either could mean he is destructive and have more erratic behavior including digging, jumping, chewing and not obeying any commands. If he is trained he will be calm indoors as long as he gets enough regular exercise. He can get along with children and existing pets though may not respond as well to new pets being brought into the home. He can live in any climate but be aware he likes to chase and he is really fast!

Health Concerns

There are no major health concerns with the Afaird and as a cross breed he tends to be healthier than pure breds. He may be prone to Hip Displasia just because many large breeds are and the Briard does. The Briard is also prone to stomach torsion, cataracts and bloat though it is not yet known if that is something the Afaird is prone to also.

Costs Involved in Owning an Afaird

An Afaird is a large breed so the costs involved in owning one are similar to other large breeds. This is not a common hybrid but you should still make sure if you find one that the breeder is reputable and that you see health clearances for both parents. Pets cost money to look after properly. There will be initial costs to spend on things like spaying, a crate, collar and leash, medical costs like chipping and deworming. Then there will be ongoing costs such as licensing, training, other medical costs, food, treats, toys and so on. Some people choose to save some money for pet emergencies and some opt to get pet insurance.


A puppy would cost you somewhere around a $1000. Initial costs would then cost you an additional $500 to $600. Yearly costs will be around $700.


The Afaird may not be the best dog for a family with young children or for those living in an apartment. However he is intelligent, affectionate and full of energy and for those who are willing to give him some time he will make a great addition to an active family.


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