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This is a rare designer hybrid dog that crosses the Afghan Hound with the Labrador Retriever. They fall into the groups of hounding and sporting and because of their intelligence and energy are known for such talents or work as search and rescue, watchdog, tracking, sledding, carting, hunting, racing, police work, narcotics detection, retrieving, lure coursing, herding and agility. Due to his energy he is not suited for apartment living and can be expected to live for ten to twelve years. He is very affectionate, loyal and alert.

The Afador is an intelligent, energetic, affectionate dog that makes a great working dog or companion. He does need more attention than most in terms of his coat and grooming but the love and loyalty he rewards you with will be well worth the effort.

Here is the Afador at a Glance
Average height 25-30 inches
Average weight 60 – 75 pounds
Coat type Straight, medium to long, smooth
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs Fairly high
Shedding Low
Brushing High
Touchiness Mostly easygoing
Tolerant to Solitude? Somewhat, just not for long periods
Barking Occasional
Tolerance to Heat Low
Tolerance to Cold Good
Good Family Pet? Very good
Good with Children? Better with older unless grew up with them
Good with other Dogs? Fairly good
Good with other Pets? Low to Average due to their hunting instinct
A roamer or Wanderer? If he wants to chase something its possible
A Good Apartment Dweller? No too much energy
Good Pet for new Owner? Fair
Trainability Fairly good
Exercise Needs High
Tendency to get Fat No
Major Health Concerns None known
Other Health Concerns Hip Dysplasia, eye problems, low pain threshold
Life Span From 10-12 years
Average new Puppy Price $1040
Average Annual Medical Expense $400-600
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $450-550

Where does the Afador come from?

The Afador is a mix of the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever. They were first bred in Alaska and have become somewhat more popular in the last decade although they are still quite rare and hard to find. It has a combination of temperament and appearance from both of its parents though how much of each really does vary from one puppy to another.


The Afghan Hound is an elegant and aloof dog that originates from Afghanistan. He was bred for hunting large prey and is one of the oldest breed of dogs there are. He is a fast runner over long distances and is a brave dog encouraged to have independence and intelligence.

The Labrador Retriever is a friendly and intelligent dog that originally was bred in Newfoundland in Canada as a helper for fishermen retrieving nets and fish and so on. Bow he is known as a very loyal companion, great as a family pet because he is warm, sweet natured and obedient when trained.


The Afador can take on either side of his parentage when it comes to his temperament, sometimes more aloof like the Afghan Hound, or sometimes more sweet natured like the Lab. He is intelligent too and brave. He is usually happy and spirited and playful outside, but more often calmer when indoors. They are very affectionate and are wary of strangers and this alertness makes then suitable to use as a watchdog. Usually they are fine with children but prefer older ones over the age of ten who are less likely to bug and tease them! He is a kind dog though and loyal to his family and owners.

What does an Afador Look Like

The Afador averages at around 25 to 30 inches tall and weighs somewhere between 60 to 75 pounds. While his appearance depends on which parent he leans more towards he usually has a lean body like the Hound but a sturdiness he gets from the Lab. He has a long head and a thicker skull with ears that are usually long and hanging down each side of his head. His coat is medium to long in length and smooth but around his face he has short hair that is a dark mask. He can be a range of colors, reds, beige, white, gray, salt and pepper and black included.

Training and Exercise Needs

This dog needs a lot of exercise because he is full of energy and loves to be active. Remember he does have a hunting instinct so be careful letting him off the leash, if he sees something to hunt he will runoff and chase it. As mentioned he loves and is successful at a variety of sports and as a work dog. Exercise should be done daily and it needs to be more than a couple of 5 minute walks around the block. He needs owners who enjoy activity too and want him to join them such as cycling, jogging, long walks. He would also love to visit dog parks and have play time. At home he needs a large fenced in yard to be able to play in to let off energy when he is not out with you.

With training the Afador is quite capable as he is very intelligent. If he leans more towards the aloofness and independence of the Hound he may be a little harder but if not in general the Afador should be quite good to train. Be persistent, consistent, positive and avoid becoming frustrated. Start his training young and it is also important to start socialization at that age too so that he reacts well to other pets, children, different environments and so on. If he is not trained you may have some behavioral issues with him barking more than normal, digging, chewing and so on. He should pick up basic commands fairly quickly if you avoid negativity and keep it interesting and rewarding for him.

Living with an Afador


The Afador is not suited to living in apartments because of his energy levels nor in warm climates though he is fine in colder ones. On average he will need to be fed 21/2 to 3 cups of dry food a day that is of good quality. This should be divided into two meals and avoid leaving out food for him to over graze on.

His coat needs a lot of attention from you, a full groom of an hour long twice a week at least. The best way to go about it is to take a handful of hair and comb moving from the skin outwards and then allow that handful to drop down. This helps keep it tangle free and avoids breaking hair. He will also need to be bathed at least once every two months though that may be a lot more frequent if he is prone to puddle diving! Use a shampoo made for dogs that will not dry out his slkin. Another aspect of care are his ears. Ears that flop over and hang down are more prone to infections so take good care of them by cleaning with a damp cloth once a week.

As stated they are a great family dog to have but unless socialized or grown up with children from a puppy they prefer the older ones. This may be linked to their low tolerance for pain as young children have a tendency to tug on tails and ears. They are social and loving and very loyal. Inside the home they are usually calm despite their energy, their playfulness and energetic nature emerges when they are outside more. They are not always great with other pets especially smaller ones because of their hunter instincts which makes them want to chase them.

He does not bark a lot but will bark and can do so loudly if a stranger approaches. He is stable but should not be kept as an outside dog because of their more social nature.

Health Concerns

Because he is a newer hybrid and he is rare there are not any known major health concerns though that could change. They do have a low pain threshold so even minor injuries will hurt them a lot. Minor health concerns they are more prone to include eye problems and hip dysplasia

Costs Involved in Owning an Afador


Costs of owning a dog vary depending on where you live, his size, any grooming costs, recurring medical costs, whether you use kennels in the year and so on. Things to consider include;

Long hair grooming - $400 a year if you do not do it yourself

Recurring medical such as vaccinations, deworming, flea treatments - $250

Food dry and of good quality - $230

Health insurance or savings for medical emergencies - $250

Toys and treats - $75

Training - $110

License - $15


When you buy the puppy it will cost you somewhere around $1040 if you can find one! You will then have other costs to pay at that time such as;

Neutering - $220

A crate for when you are at work - $125

Collar and leash - $35

Miscellaneous costs such as food bowls - $60

Other initial medical costs - $70


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