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Pregnancy means the certain specific period of growth of a baby from beginning to the birth. In the dog, pregnancy does not necessarily begin on the day of mating. During the dam reproductive cycle, estrogen climax followed by the luteinizing hormone (LH) peak 1-3 days later. Ovulation takes place 1-3 days after the LH peak. The bitch is in estrus or ‘heat’ starting at the LH peak or several days before or after, estrus remain for 5-9 days, breeding may occur on multiple days, and the male’s sperm is fertile for four to six days. All of these aspects result in an uncertain commencement date, and thus changeable gestation length (56-72 days) when counting after the breeding date. Dog gestation duration is fairly consistent (65 ± 1 days) when counting after the LH surge. Most dogs have the same experience during gestation and it does not matter if the dog is a tiny Chihuahua or a large Newfoundland.

If you have a dam and you wish to get a litter by her, then you can come across the pregnancy and pregnancy needed more care than anything else. What are the pregnancy stages you should know about it. The matter is not considerable that what breed you have for this. In this article we will strive to give full awareness to the breeder about all things which involves through the pregnancy. We will discuss the pregnancy step by step. And we have an honor that I am the first writer who will discuss and write something different from all existing writings. I would like to cover all aspects of pregnancy step by step. I’ll endeavor to give you all about pregnancy at a single platform.

First thing you know about is the symptoms that shows your dam is pregnant. It is necessary for a breeder must learn about the signs and symptoms of the dog’s pregnancy. It almost appears in first few week of gestation. Sign and symptoms can confirm your dam’s pregnancy. When pregnancy did confirm through symptoms or vet. What will be the next step?

Next step should be the tests by a recognized vet and vaccinate your dogs. Different tests are included in this regard. The radiography, abdominal palpation and ultrasonography are the important tests. These all are very important test for better recognition of pregnancy. These will discuss under the title of pregnancy diagnosis methods. After having good knowledge about confirmed pregnancy by these tests next step should be to know about the feeding through pregnancy.

In next article it will be discussed on feeding through pregnancy. Feeding through pregnancy is most complex issue because it is very difficult to know what we can feed the dam during the pregnancy. Some foods are fatal for the dogs while they are in pregnancy. And some are the beneficial and supported the pregnancy. Our aim is to provide good knowledge to breeder what they can feed and what cannot feed during pregnancy. This subject will cover an article below. What will the next step ahead this?

To meet the pregnancy abnormality we have need to give some medication to dogs. This is complicated that what can be the beneficial to the dams during their pregnancy. Here will be suggested some medicines which are the prohibited totally during pregnancy, some are recommended with cautions and some are necessary during pregnancy. This will be covered in a separate article. And pregnancy abnormalities also discussed in a separate article and will be some suggestions to meet these abnormalities. Keep on and to touch with this subject to learn more and more. Here is all about pregnancy which will satisfy you.

A safety of dog during the pregnancy is another issue which required certain specific intentions and attentions of a breeder. It is necessary that you must fully acquaint with the safeties during pregnancy. Safeties are the vital for the health of canine and litter. What are the safeties during pregnancy and why necessary, these all matters and will be fully discuss here with detail in an article related safeties during pregnancy.

At the end of the subject we would like to conclude it or wind up with all the best. From introduction to windup we endeavor to present full detail of everything about pregnancy which is vital or fatal. After reading all these articles a breeder at least can have awareness all about pregnancy. And it is the achievement for us if anybody has better understanding of this subject. Our aim is to teach the people on every subject related breeding and pregnancy and much more.

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