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What is meaning of mating in dog breeding? Mating is the sexual intercourse between a dog and a bitch for the reproductive purpose. It is done for the sake of an offspring. Mating is not as easy with the domesticated dogs as in street dogs. It is easy in some types and complicated in some breeds. The most vital thought while thinking about permitting dogs to mate is the age of the dogs. It is not recommended to permit dogs to mate while they are too immature. At about the age of four months generally dogs should be able to mate, however; a canine of 4 or even 6 months is too immature to be used as a stud. Just like a human being they are still mentally and physically immature. There is a possibility for a bitch that is too young will not be clever to care for a litter as she should too. It could consequence in the pups being deserted. When immature dog’s mates and starts breeding it could be disastrous as exhaustion of the dog’s system, deteriorate the growth and injuries, sickness and death too. Always mate a dog when it is in heat cycle, fertile and mature. It is best for the breeder and the dogs itself.

Mating dog is a natural process and phenomena for the reproduction of dogs. When a breeder required a new healthy litter he should learn more and more about mating. Care is not matters in the street dogs mating. But it is a prominent feature in a dog which is domesticated. Care should be in mind when you are going to mate a dog. Natural matings are always done at the stud canine’s residence in the presence of a dog’s mom / master. Privacy is a factor should be considered but never leave alone the girls when mating it. The environment should be normal and secure for a dog you are mating. Try to provide a private well footing weather permitting enclosure to the dog you are mating to, where they can breed without interruption. In normal conditions the owners of both the bitch and the dog should be present there.

The mating is never to be done in a hurried way. The dogs may involve the hours or days to be happier with each other; it can differ based on their understanding, temperament and the timing of breeding try. The bitch should show clearly cues of estrus, including flirtation, flagging of her tail and jerking of her vulva. The dog should be highly attracted the bitch, licking her vulva and endeavor to mount her if she is agreed and ready. For the dogs' safety it is necessary to mate the dogs in your supervision always. It is common on leash and with girls softly calm, particularly if she is a virgin. Chatting to the dogs in a yielding, cheering voice can help them feel protected and relaxed. They should never be yelling at out of the master’s irritation.

If a guy has a difficulty to penetrate in then the girl should be kindly moved and place her in the front of the stud dog. Prescribed lubricant (i.e. K-Y Jelly) should be applied at the bitch’s vulva it will helpful to penetrate a penis in it. When a tie has done the stud slide his forward legs on one side of the bitch and generally lift one rear leg over her rear, so that both are positioned buttock to buttock. This is the time when both are bonded, and or “tied,” the phenomena in tie of dog is that the stud’s penis protuberance up within and being held by the muscles in the bitch’s vagina. They can keep on tying for a long moment; the average time is 15 to 45 Mins in general. Virgin bitch generally yells in the first part of the tie and may require additional soothing and control. When you try to break the tie of dogs and separate them before they physically able of doing so can be very much dangerous. When they untied their selves naturally never permit the bitch to urinate up to 15 Mins. The dog can walk when it erection ends and penis disappear back into.

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